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Bairnsdale Library Redevelopment

Bairnsdale's long anticipated library was opened on 10 April, 2014.


After receiving overwhelming public support for redeveloping the library on the current site; concept and detailed plans were developed. The Shire's commitment was supplemented by funding from the Victorian State Government through two funding streams: Putting Locals First and Living Libraries.



This picture was taken at the end of 2012 and shows the library prior to work commencing.




The new building incorporates the historic Mechanics' Institute Hall which has been the home of the library for more than half a century.  Architectural and decorative features of the hall were lovingly restored, but the unremarkable 1970s addition on its south side had to be demolished.  This allowed for the construction of a modern and vibrant new two storey building with a large civic space in the forecourt.


During the demolition and construction period, the library was temporarily relocated to the commercial building next door at 24 Service Street (former hardware store).  Works were undertaken to refurbish the space to provide the temporary library service and staff workroom.   


At 11am on Thursday, 10 April, the new library was officially opened and is receiving fantastic community support.


Bairnsdale Library after completion 01


Bairnsdale Library after completion 02 


Bairnsdale Library after completion 03 


Bairnsdale Library after completion 04


Bairnsdale Library after completion 05 


Bairnsdale Library after completion 06 


Bairnsdale Library after completion 07 


Bairnsdale Library 09 


Bairnsdale Library 10


Bairnsdale Library 11


Bairnsdale Library 12


Bairnsdale Library 13


Bairnsdale Library 14


Bairnsdale Library 15


Bairnsdale Library 16 


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