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Time to renew pet registration

Tuesday 21 March

The passing of the Labour Day holiday signals the time to start thinking about pet registration renewals.


All cats and dogs in East Gippsland Shire must be registered from three months of age.


Shire Community Laws Coordinator Bill Petersen said pet registration is a state-wide legal requirement and registration renewals are due by April 10 each year.


“Discounted registration is available for a variety of circumstances.


"These include if the animal has been desexed, is over 10 years old, belongs to a domestic animal business or applicable organisation, or if a dog has undergone training or is a working dog.


"Animals not meeting any of these criteria will attract the full registration fee,” Mr Petersen said.


“Before being registered for the first time, pets must be microchipped. Customers registering their pet for the first time can complete the form online or visit a Customer Service Centre.


“Renewal notices are now arriving in letterboxes and are due by Monday, April 10. You’ll see signs at the entrances to major towns to help remind pet owners to pay their renewal,” Mr Petersen said.


This year, council is moving to lifetime registration tags. The tags will be provided at the time of payment if visiting a Customer Service Centre. Pet owners who pay using another method will have the tag mailed to them.


As well as providing a pound service, registration fees help provide animal welfare services such as:


  • Removing wandering and aggressive dogs from the streets, so you and your pet can walk in safety;
  • Managing nuisance problems like barking dogs, cat trespass and unowned animals;
  • Controlling dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs so they do not pose a threat to the community;
  • Monitoring animal welfare standards in pet shops, kennels, catteries, breeding and training businesses;
  • Education programs for the general community and for children in preschools and primary schools; and
  • Research into dog and cat welfare and control issues, including dog attack prevention.


Council also provides bags at various sites for collecting dog waste in case owners have forgotten to bring a bag from home.


For information on how to register your pet go our Pets page.


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