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Two men standing in front of a truck outside saleyards.

Saleyard scales measure up

Thursday 05 November

The East Gippsland Livestock Exchange team continues to demonstrate its strong attention to detail with the results of their latest scale calibration in October.


Both scales at the saleyards were accurately measuring a range of weights.


The scales are calibrated twice a year by independent technicians to ensure the scales meet Australian Standards.


The scales are only required to be tested once a year; however, East Gippsland Shire Council (owner of the facility) has the task completed twice a year due to the importance of accurate weights.


Animals put through the saleyards are sold by weight, so it is important for all parties - vendors, buyers, agents and Council - that the scales are accurate.


The scales can measure weights from 100 kilograms to 10 tonne.


The livestock exchange’s scales, along with many other weights and measures used in Australia, need to meet certain accuracy standards.


The technicians do this by loading 10 tonne of weight onto each scale and checking the readings.


Smaller measures are also added to ensure the scales are accurate at a range of increments. For example, at 10 tonne and 5 kilograms.


Council’s Manager Council Enterprises Kris Wain said it is important to the success of a sale that everyone involved in the process has confidence in our facility and understand that scales are accurate


“Our store cattle sales draw a large number of cattle. We pride ourselves on ensuring weights are accurate, so vendors and buyers have correct information to gauge the market and make educated decisions,” Mr Wain said.


“It’s a credit to local vendors that they always present high quality cattle that demand strong prices.


"We want to give confidence in the accuracy of the East Gippsland Livestock Exchange’s scales and the strong transparent sale process that takes place each week.”


 Forklift in a small lane with metal barriers.

Gippsland Scales recently calibrated the scales at East Gippsland Livestock Exchange. It was a quick job as the scales were accurate.

 Two men standing in front of a truck outside saleyards.

Leigh Shields and John Anderson of Gippsland Scales with the weights used to test the scales.





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