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Small car ferry with early morning sunshine.

Planned ferry outage

Tuesday 13 February

On Thursday 15 February the Raymond Island Ferry will undergo its six-monthly chain and drive wheel inspection.


The ferry will stop operating from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm to allow sufficient time to inspect.


The water taxi will be available to transport passengers to and from Raymond Island and Paynesville in this time.


The chain and drive wheel inspection can only be performed when the ferry is connected to the chains, so it could not be undertaken during last year's extended outage.


The work includes a visual inspection of the chain feeding through the drive wheel. Inspecting the chain in this way also ensures the chains integrity for wear and tear is inspected thoroughly by allowing the ferry to stop at various points in McMillan Strait to inspect.


These ongoing six-monthly inspections are essential to the ferry's maintenance.




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