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Parents need to be aware of school parking zones

Thursday 31 January

With term one of the school year commencing, East Gippsland Shire Council is reminding parents about road safety and parking in school zones.


Reduced speed zones have returned this week and operate near schools to keep children safe. Council also has 16 staffed school crossings at various schools across the region.


The roads around schools are hectic at the start of the school day which is why some schools have specific parking restrictions. Drivers are being asked to slow down, obey the reduced speed zones and take extra care around schools.


Council’s Community Laws Coordinator Bill Petersen said most schools have drop off and pick up zones that allow parents to pull in, drop off or pick up children and then drive off.


“These areas are designed to enable a large volume of cars to access the school pick up or drop off zones in a short period of time with minimal congestion,” Mr Petersen said.


“Users of these zones must not leave the vehicle and have several minutes before being required to move on. Substantial fines apply to those who disobey these signs.”


Anyone not simply picking up or dropping off children must park in areas where there are no restrictions.


Mr Petersen encouraged all parents to ensure they read the parking signs before they park.


“The safe and efficient movement of vehicles around our schools is important part of school safety and protects our young children as they arrive and leave school each day,” Mr Petersen said


“Council's Community Laws officers are often notified to deal with some motorists who continually behave in an inappropriate manner and compromise road safety. “Council will not issue warnings to motorists doing the wrong thing. Authorised officers will be patrolling schools during peak times and issuing fines to those breaching road rules.


“Motorists who offend and drive off before our officers have completed issuing the infringement will have their fine posted to them,” Mr Petersen said.


Mr Petersen also reminded motorists that parking on naturestrips or footpaths is not permitted.


“People sometimes use the naturestrip because they feel it is safer than parking on the road. However, it is against the Victorian Road Rules for several reasons. It can reduce visibility for traffic and pedestrians, damage public infrastructure above and below the ground, and may prevent emergency services from accessing key infrastructure,” Mr Petersen said.

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