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No bag, no excuses

Monday 05 August

Dog owners have been put on notice to clean up after their pets or face an on-the-spot fine of $100.


East Gippsland Shire Council Community Laws Coordinator Bill Petersen said dog owners should always be prepared by carrying bags with them when they take their pet for a walk so that they clean up after their dog.


“Last year we issued warnings to dog owners found on our gardens and reserves with their pets, but without the means to clean up after them,” Mr Petersen said.


“Now the warning period is over and any owner found without a plastic bag could receive a $100 fine.


“Dog faeces is a serious community amenity problem, which is entirely avoidable with some forward planning on the part of dog owners. Failing to clean up after dogs also leads to high levels of nitrates in our local streams and creeks and the pollution of our environment.


“Our public places should be clean from animal waste, for everyone’s comfort. It is not acceptable to non-pet owners in the community that they face animal waste in our parks or pathways.”



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