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Compacted aluminium cans ready for transport.

National Recycling Week – keep on recycling!

Tuesday 14 November

Now in its 22nd year, Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week was founded to bring a national focus to the environmental benefits of recycling.


The recently-released Australian National Waste Report 2016 states that the proportion of waste that was recycled in 2014–2015 was about 60%. This is good but more can be done.


When the options of reduce, reuse, repair and refuse are not possible, recycling is still the best option.


The recycling process recovers and diverts materials away from landfills which is important because resources like glass, steel, aluminium, paper and plastic are too valuable to send to landfill.


Getting those materials back into the circular economy, by recycling them into new products and materials, benefits the environment and the economy, and reduces the burden on virgin resources.


Feeling inspired by National Recycling Week? Here are some positive environmental actions you can take at home:

  • Remember the 4 Rs: Refuse unnecessarily packaged goods. Reduce consumption where possible. Reuse existing items rather than repurchasing something new. If you can’t refuse, reduce or reuse, then recycle.
  • Be a conscious consumer and consider the packaging of a product when making a purchasing decision. What will you do with the packaging? Is it recyclable in East Gippsland? Can you take your own container or buy in bulk?
  • Live a circular lifestyle: Look for products made from recycled materials, such as recycled toilet tissue or recycled office paper.
  • Keep on recycling: The five types of materials we can recycling in East Gippsland are glass bottles and jars, aluminium, steel, paper/cardboard and rigid plastic containers.
  • Remember to keep your plastic bags and other soft plastics out. These can be recycled through the Redcycle system at Coles Bairnsdale, but not in your kerbside bin.

For more on what can and can’t be recycled in your area visit council's Recycling Services page.


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