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Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp update

Wednesday 09 October

A sand migration event is currently impacting the Mallacoota Point Ocean Access Boat Ramp at Bastion Point.


Steady progress to remove sand build-up was made using dredging operations over the past two weeks and had achieved reasonable depth at the entrance to the harbour.


Conditions at the entrance to the harbour were good for boat movements on 8 October and Council had planned to stop dredging on 10 October. However, the bar reformed overnight on 8 October – similar to an event that caused rapid sand build up two weeks ago.


Conditions were not favourable on 9 October for dredging due to the swell and opportunities to dredge prior to next week are limited.


Potential users of the ramp are urged to check any Notice to Mariners and Warnings issued by Gippsland Ports and to assess the conditions before considering launching their craft.


Update 10 October 2019 – Notice to Mariners


Gippsland Ports has issued a Notice to Mariners for Bastion Point Boat Ramp as a result of continued shoaling over the full width of the harbour approach channel.


It is recommended that vessel operators restrict their use of the facility and only operate over the shoal area at the entrance:

1. When tide heights exceed 1.0m AHD; and

2. When sea conditions are below 1.0 metre in maximum height;

3. When operations are for commercial fishing purposes; or

4. When operating in an emergency.


To view the full Gippsland Ports Notice to Mariners, click here.



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