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Advisory committee representation

Monday 14 October

East Gippsland Shire Council recently completed a review to streamline its representation on external committees.


External committees are one of the avenues Council uses to advocate for the needs of the region, or local government generally, and highlight priority projects.


The review identified the need for a policy to formalise the process of appointing Council representatives to committees and reporting back to Council and the community on the benefits of their attendance.


At its October 8 meeting, Council agreed to no longer have representation on six committees, including five Municipal Association of Victoria advisory committees. The other committee is the Gippsland Regional Aboriginal Justice Action Committee as Council identified that it would be adequately contributing to the work of this group via the Council officer sitting on the committee.


Council will continue to have representation on 15 other external committees.


Councillors represent the needs and views of Council on a range of Victorian and cross-border organisations. Some of these bodies include the Australian Coastal Councils Association, Rail Freight Alliance, Timber Towns Victoria, South East Australian Transport Strategy, and Canberra Region Joint Organisation Board.


A list of the representative bodies each Councillor sits on is available in Council’s Annual Report.



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