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A nomination Shows community spirit

Wednesday 21 November

To be acknowledged by your community and the leaders of East Gippsland Shire Council is something Jack Peterson will never forget.


Jack was announced as the East Gippsland Young Citizen of the Year in January this year as part of Council’s Australia Day awards program, sharing the honour with Aislin Jones.


It was Jack’s work in leading the Bairnsdale Agricultural Society as president to reinvigorate the Bairnsdale Show that won the judging panel over. And while receiving the award during the week of Australia Day was a moment he won’t forget soon, the honour has provided many other benefits.


“It has been a fantastic opportunity to meet with hundreds of different people throughout our community by the attendance at many shire-based events,” Jack said.


“The networking and public exposure the awards have provided have allowed me to communicate the message of the Bairnsdale Show's aims to many different groups. Professionally, the reputation and trust people place with someone who has been awarded Young Citizen of the Year has allowed me to more easily build lasting relationships with clients in my profession.”


Jack encourages East Gippslanders to take the time to nominate individuals and/or events for the awards, and support the Australia Day program across the shire.


“Dedication to others and their community is a strenuous and demanding pursuit. We take time away from family and friends to benefit others we don't know and may never meet,” he said.


“Showing someone who dedicates their personal time for the betterment of their community that they are appreciated is incredibly powerful. I still remember the surprise of my nomination announcement and this would be an occurrence that I expect most nominees would have.


“We don't serve the community for recognition of our actions, however recognition provides another acknowledgement that what we are doing is worthwhile. It is a great chance to show those doing the work that you are proud of their efforts.”


The Young Citizen of the Year encourages others to “find something worthwhile and pursue it”.


“Opportunity is flourishing in our region. Take on every chance you get to better the community around you. Lift up those around you by providing them with an opportunity to improve whether it be by joining an organisation, running a network of people, helping a community group or simply taking the time to stop and listen to the needs of others,” Jack said.


“There is opportunity presenting itself to all of us every day. Take a chance and put forward your best effort.


“We are so incredibly fortunate to live in such this magnificent region of Australia and the world. Our culture holds a custom of a 'fair go'; whether you have immigrated in your life or if you are a descendent of thousands of years, our people support and flock to those who show effort to improve.


“There is not another place in the world whose people, culture, customs and traditions I would rather align with. It truly is an honour to be seen as a representative of East Gippsland Shire.”


The East Gippsland Australia Day Award nomination form is available on council’s website, eastgippsland.vic.gov.au/ausday; hardcopies are available at council’s Customer Service Centres and Outreach Centres, or call (03) 5153 9500.


Nominations close 5pm Friday, November 23.


Winners of its shire-wide Australia Day awards at a civic ceremony held during the week of Australia Day (January 2019).



Australia Day Jack.jpg


2018 Young Citizen of the Year Jack Peterson (right) with fellow Young Citizen of the Year Aislin Jones, Citizen of the Year Gerry Ciavarella and former mayor Cr Joe Rettino at this year’s East Gippsland Shire Australia Day Awards. 


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