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Mallacoota and District

The eastern gateway to East Gippsland, Mallacoota has a population of around 1,000 people and is nestled in Croajingolong National Park, home to pristine Victorian coastal wilderness.

Mallacoota and district comprises of the following localities: Mallacoota, Genoa, Wangarabell, Weeragua, Maramingo Creek, Wallagaraugh, Gipsy Point and Wroxham.


A popular holiday destination over summer, residents and visitors enjoy the region’s natural beauty, tranquility and access to water. Mallacoota Inlet, the surrounding Croajingolong National Park and views to Gabo Island define the town’s setting.


Both recreational and commercial fishing, as well as boating, are important activities for the town, which is a centre for Australia’s abalone industry.




Mallacoota Connect is a quarterly newsletter from council featuring events, activities, projects and programs planned for Mallacoota and District.


For information about our plans and projects email us, phone 5153 9500 or sign up to receive Mallacoota Connect.


Read past editions of Mallacoota Connect (web archive)


Download a printable version: Mallacoota Connect Spring 2017 (PDF)


Learn more about current projects and plans for Mallacoota and District

Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan

Mallacoota Foreshore Management Plan

Gipsy Point Urban Design Framework

Mallacoota Sustainable Energy

Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp at Bastion Point


Mallacoota Community Clubrooms Project


Quality public open space contributes to the character and liveability of a place and encourages social inclusion.


In 2015 the Mallacoota community identified the need for a multipurpose, accessible community building to act as a base for the area's many clubs and groups.


The Mallacoota Community Clubrooms project will deliver the highest priority infrastructure proposal from the Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan, and serve the community now and into the future.


BOF_CMYK.png East Gippsland Shire Council secured two Australian Government grants to deliver the project: $250,000 from the Community Development Grants Programme and $725,590 from the Building Better Regions FundCouncil will contribute $350,000 to the delivery of the project.


Visit Your Say East Gippsland for project updates, or sign up to receive the Mallacoota Connect e-newsletter.

Mallacoota Urban Design Framework and associated documents

These documents were produced in 2007. They provide strategic guidance for the future development of Mallacoota.


Urban Design Framework (PDF 13.8Mb)

Vegetation Quality Plan (PDF 1.24Mb) 

Planning and Overlay Controls (PDF 1.50Mb) 

Urban Design Analysis (PDF 1.74Mb) 

Strategy Plan (PDF 429Kb) 

Master Plan (PDF 1.04Mb) 

Master Plan 3D (PDF 1.91Mb)



Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan


Mallacoota Recreation Reserve Master Plan (PDF 2.65Mb)



Mallacoota Foreshore Management Plan

Council manages Mallacoota foreshore land spanning from Bastion Point to the Croajingolong National Park boundary, and the Betka River day use area.


The Mallacoota Foreshore Management Plan aims to provide strategic directions for the management and use of the foreshore to protect and enhance the natural and cultural values; facilitate recreational use and tourism; and optimise benefits to the local community and to visitors both for present and future generations.


Mallacoota Foreshore Management Plan (PDF 27.4Mb) 


Gipsy Point Urban Design Framework and associated documents


These documents provide strategic guidance for the future development of Gipsy Point.


Urban Design Framework (PDF 9.38Mb) 

Vegetation Quality Plan (PDF 508Kb) 

Zoning Plan (PDF 501Kb) 

Urban Design Analysis (PDF 2.66Mb) 

Strategy Plan (PDF 292Kb) 

Master Plan (PDF 912Kb)



Mallacoota Sustainable Energy

Mallacoota’s electricity supply can fail due to natural events occurring in its remote location in the far-east of Victoria. Any interruption to the single, three-phase line supplying Mallacoota can interrupt supply for up to several days. Reasons for outages can include fallen trees and bark, fire, flood and animals contacting the line. AusNet Services has improved the transmission line but cannot prevent all interruptions.


The Mallacoota Sustainable Energy project is being driven by the Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Group, a group of residents working to secure a more reliable electricity supply, along with AusNet Services and council.


The project is assessing the potential to prevent interruption to electricity supply by developing the capacity to use locally generated and stored electricity when external supply is unavailable.


AusNet Services and council funded a feasibility study of alternative solutions. The Sustainable Energy for Mallacoota – Feasibility Study investigated the current context and feasible future options for low-carbon energy supply and improved security to Mallacoota.


Specifically it focused on:

  • How to maintain the energy supply to the community during infrequent natural events.
  • Preference for low carbon dioxide generation, storage, and renewables.
  • Emphasis on energy efficiency for the future.
  • Social and technical research into potential and feasible forms of power generation.
  • Use of case studies.

To read the full report or find out more about the work, please email or call Tricia Hiley on 0412 312 881.


Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Feasibility Study – Synopsis Report (PDF)



Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp at Bastion Point

Independent Compliance Audit of Environmental Management Plan 2019 Operation and Maintenance Audit 2019


Independent Compliance Audit of Environmental Management Plan 2018 Operation and Maintenance Audit 2018

Independent Compliance Audit of Environmental Management Plan 2017 Operation and Maintenance Audit 2017


Independent Compliance Audit of Environmental Management Plan 2016 Operation and Maintenance Audit 2016


Independent Compliance Audit of Environmental Management Plan 2015 Operation and Maintenance Audit 2015


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