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Urban Waterway Guidelines

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) provides a range of benefits, such as a clean environment, lush vegetation, improved amenity for recreation and healthy habitat for native birds and wildlife. WSUD are stormwater strategies that reduce hydrology impacts by slowing, capturing, treating and using rainwater.  The aim is to reduce high volume nutrient and sediment loads reaching creeks and rivers.  Even small things can make a difference; planting trees, treating storm water and bank stabilisation on farms.  Importantly, we can encourage and enable community access so residents and visitors can appreciate and look after a waterway they love.



Urban Waterway Guidelines

East Gippsland Shire Council has developed Urban Waterway Guidelines (PDF 1MB) to provide guidance for developers to use to help protect East Gippsland's waterways.




The guidelines suggest ways to include WSUD in new developments and subdivisions.  The issues associated with urban waterway erosion in the East Gippsland Shire area are particularly severe in terms of the Gippsland Lakes with their high ecological value.  The Guidelines refer to strategies to assist in areas such as vegetation, channel stability, water quality, hydrology and habitat. Examples are below.



Magee's gully, Bairnsdale

Riparian vegetation

- Improved bank and channel stability.

- Improved water quality through the development of a buffer zone or filter strip.

- Control of exotic vegetation and enhanced biodiversity, including corridors and habitat.






Rock beaching at Eastern Beach, Lakes Entrance

Channel stability

- Protection of nearby built assets (e.g. Infrastructure such as sewer pipes, footpaths, bridges and roads) and natural ecosystem values.

- Protection of stormwater outlets reaching the waterways.

- Protection of downstream ecosystems.

- Protection of estuarine fish.





Raingarden to improve water quality,  Anderson St, Bairnsdale

Water Quality

- Opportunity for stormwater sediment settlement.

- Protection of downstream systems from high sediment loads and therefore increasing the longevity of the downstream system.

- Establishment of amenity/recreational value for the community.






Formal drainage lines at Goosegully, Bairnsdale

Water Conveyance

- Reduction and attenuation of stormwater runoff.

- Provision of flow conveyance and water quality treatment within one system.

- Aesthetically pleasing.








WSUD Case Studies


Eagle Bay Rise Subdivision

More information can be found on the Melbourne Water Case Studies and Checklist website.


What is Council doing?

In addition the Urban Waterway Management Strategy (PDF 2.5MB) shows what Council is doing to plan for and manage healthy urban waterways.







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