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Energy Use and Savings

Energy efficiency ideas at home and work.


Learn ways to reduce your electricity bills from the Australian Energy Foundation or the Victorian Energy Saver program.


Quick tips

  • Save money on the installation of energy-efficient products, reduce your energy bill and help the environment by getting involved in the Victorian Energy Upgrades
  • Shade windows externally in summer
  • Insulate - ceiling, underfloor and walls
  • Ventilate in summer - use cross flow ventilation from windows and turn on fans before air-conditioning
  • Draft proof for winter - use heavy curtains and pelmets, and block drafts under doors
  • Use energy star ratings for heaters/air conditioners/appliances - some are more efficient and ask about standby power
  • Set your thermostat to between 24-26 degrees in summer and 18-20 degrees in winter - every degree either way adds 10% more energy
  • Lighting upgrade - ask your electrician for VEEC discounts
  • Switch retailers to get a better rate
  • Borrow a Powermate lite from your local library


At Home

Download the Smart Living Guide for East Gippsland residents.
















If you are renting there are options to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions - such as draught proofing, shading or choosing GreenPower on your electricity account to reduce emissions.

The Victorian Green Renters Guide


At Work

There are many opportunities for small and medium businesses to become more energy efficient.

Many business tenants are moving into or asking for green buildings.

Improved comfort conditions from more natural light and ventilation, greater thermal control and unwanted noise reduction, leads to better staff productivity.


East Gippsland Solar Bulk Buy

The East Gippsland Shire Solar Bulk Buy program closed in July 2019.  It saw 62 small scale solar photovoltaic systems installed, totalling 322 kWh. In addition eight batteries totalling 38.4 kWh were also installed.  For every system sold a percentage was donated to install solar on a local community facility.

Energy efficiency upgrades are recommended before installing solar.

Solar Bulk Buy flyer




Your Say Bright Futures Renewable Energy

East Gippsland Solar Bulk Buy

Your Energy Savings - includes how to read your electricity bill

Positive Charge

Alternative Technology Association (ATA)

Sustainability Victoria  

Good Environmental Choice Australia 

Green Building Council of Australia

Sustainable living facts sheets from Clean Up Australia Day

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources  - information about electricity including smart meters and renewable energy feed-in tariffs in Victoria

Federal Department of Environment


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