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Case Studies - Wilson Lodge, Sale

See how residents and staff at Wilson Lodge in Sale use Virtual Visiting.


Jenny Gilbert- Wagg  Diversional Therapist - Sale, Wilson Lodge




Q. What has worked well with the Gippsland Virtual Visiting program so far?

A. “Well, so far I have actually connected our notebook/laptop to the TV in the dining room, we shut the doors and have done virtual visiting tours where we have gone through a couple of museums, one in France, and we also did a walking tour through New York, through Central Park and we have also done a walking tour through Buckingham Palace”.

A. “We are also using Google maps to go to different addresses where residents used to live and even took the residents of a tour of Raymond Street, Sale, so the residents could see how much it had changed with all of the different shops”.


Q. What was the feedback from residents?

A. “They really enjoy going and having a look via the virtual walking tours”.

“The residents ask me when they can do that again”.


Q. Will you be doing it again?

A. “We have already made the virtual visiting activities part of our monthly program”.


Q. Can you please tell me about any unexpected benefits that have emerged from being involved in the pilot project?

A. “The residents get excited when they know they are going to have another virtual walking tour. The change in another particular resident’s demeanour has been amazing. When she skyped with her grandson and great-grandchildren and could see them, it really lifted her spirits and her demeanour. The great-grandchildren were running up kissing the computer screen and she could see them dancing”.


Q. Has the virtual visiting project created new topics of conversation between the residents?

A. “Yes, especially after they have had a virtual tour, they will sit and talk about afterwards”.


Resident- Sylvia, Sale, Wilson Lodge




Q. Have you enjoyed the virtual visiting walking tours?

A. “Yes, they have been really good. I would like to go on a virtual tour of some zoos, I have never been to Sydney, so the zoo there would be good or one overseas. I think anything to do with animals attracts people’s attention. I have had lots of animals over my life, living on a farm before coming here, so those things are always interesting. Maybe we could go on a virtual tour of a farm? And then maybe some gardens, like the Carlton gardens in Melbourne. I mean there are so many beautiful places in Australia. I think some of the other residents would like to see places around Sale because many of them haven’t seen them for a long time because they live here now.


Q. Would you like to go on a virtual visiting tour by yourself if you were shown how to?

A. “No, I would like to do it with the group. I like it when we all sat in the front room, it was good. It was like we were going on a trip together”.


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