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Case Studies - Stretton Park, Maffra

See how residents and staff at Stretton Park aged facility in Maffra use Virtual Visiting.

 Lorraine- Resident- Stretton Park Maffra




Q. How long have you been a resident at Stretton Park?

A. A year.


Q. Who introduced you to the iPad?

A. Maggie Gray, the Acting Care Manager.


Q. How has the iPad affected your life?

A. It is just magic! If I am having a bad day it makes everything ok. I use it to play games and take photos and read newspapers. I find that if I just put it on my knee and just play with it I get more confident and I know I can’t break it. I like to try new things. I have a short-term memory problem but I use the iPad for brain-games. I read a lot and I can read books on the iPad. I love music, I can take the iPad outside and listen to music. I like craft and I can get lots of ideas for new craft projects.


Q. Do you think that you using the iPad has inspired other residents to use them?

A. Yes. The other residents have been commenting saying ‘are your playing with that thing again’! And then they come and ask me for help if they want to use it and they are having trouble. Because a lot of them are a lot older and they have never seen anything like it.


Q. Do you think that using this technology helps with loneliness?

A. It has made my world bigger again. After leading a full life and then coming into care I feel that the iPad gives me a purpose each day. I read the ABC website and look up television shows. It helps keep the black cloud away. If I push the wrong button I just click a different button and play with it instead of thinking about things and getting down. It gives me a lift, instead of thinking what am I going to do today. I like current affairs, I like to know what is going on.


Q. What did you think when you heard about the project?

A. I thought that it was a wonderful gift, to do it just blew my mind, I couldn’t think of a nicer gift to give to the nursing homes. I think it is generous. I mean if you have bad eyesight you can increase the size of the writing and then you can see it. I think the iPads frighten a lot of people. They don’t realise how it can happen.


Q. Do you think that it has bridged a generation gap?

A. I had five students on Friday come in to interview me and they couldn’t believe that I was using the iPad. I really surprised them!



Maggie Gray - Acting Care Manager- Stretton Park




Q. How do you think the Gippsland Virtual Visiting pilot project has been going?

A. We bought two iPads and a iPad mini with the funding given by the project. The iPads have been set –up and the Wifi has now been connected so that all of the residents can access it, even on their own laptops.


Q. How have the residents been using the technology?

A. We have a resident who has dysphasia, which is to do with memory loss. She used to be an Italian teacher and so we have downloaded some Italian language applications so she can practice. We have downloaded games and brain games for other residents. We have also had a resident Skype with her family in Holland for her 95th birthday. She hadn’t seen some of her family for 50 years, it gave her such a high to see them and talk with them. We have also arranged specialist appointments for some residents because they can’t travel to Melbourne via Skype.


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