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Disability Planning, Policy and Information

East Gippsland Diversity Access and Social Inclusion Plan (DASIP)


The DASIP aims to make East Gippsland a leader in promoting and developing communities that value diversity and encourage belonging and understanding.


In East Gippsland, diversity covers all aspects of individuals and communities identities: gender, language, ethnicity and culture, Aboriginality, abilities, where we live, age, our beliefs, socio-economic factors and sexual orientation.


Diversity is what makes our communities strong and is critical to the health and wellbeing of our residents and social and economic sustainability.


Diversity Access and Social Inclusion Plan


East Gippsland Disability Service Providers


East Gippsland Disability Service Providers and contact Details in Easy English:


Book 1 Find the service you want

Book 2 Contact details


The Easy English resources support people with disabilities, disability services providers, mainstream organisations and businesses to locate and access disability services in East Gippsland. You can search for local disability services under the following categories:

  • Houses and Where to Live

  • Advice, Advocacy, Support

  • Sport, Activities and Fun

  • Care for You

  • Mental Health

  • Get a Job

  • Health Services

  • Respite/Short Stay Houses

  • Training for a Job

  • Case Manager

  • Go Back to Work

  • Living Skills

  • School for Adults or Kids 

Vulnerable Persons Register


Do you know or can you identify a vulnerable person within your community? Is this person in a position to care for him or herself in time of an emergency?


See the Vulnerable Persons Register page for more information.



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