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Accessible Tourism

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Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavour to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.  Accessible tourism benefits everyone. More people enjoy the opportunity to travel and the tourism industry gets more visitors, longer seasons and new incomes. Society as a whole benefits from new job opportunities, more tax revenue and an accessible environment for local communities and visitors.


You may not be aware that:

  • Australia's population is ageing and there is a growing market for travellers with accessibility needs.
  • Almost one in five people has a disability of which nearly 90 per cent take a holiday each year.

  • People with a disability account for some 8.2 million overnight trips and spend $8 billion or 11 per cent of Australia’s overall tourism expenditure (Victorian Employer’s Chamber of Commerce)

  • When you consider parents travelling with children in prams and larger groups that include people with a disability the potential benefits of accessible tourism to your business are even greater.

The Gippsland Accessible Tourism Plan 2016 - 19 is a collaborative approach between Destination Gippsland, all six Local Governments in Gippsland, Tourism Victoria and relevant partners. The Plan discusses the challenges and opportunities the Gippsland tourism industry faces in becoming more accessible and recommend future actions. 


Accessible Gippsland E-Brochure


Gippsland boasts a diverse range of accessible visitor experiences that are welcoming and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities, people with a disability, seniors and parents with young children.

To celebrate this Destination Gippsland have created an e-brochure called Accessible Gippsland – Inspiring visitor experiences. It can be viewed online as an e-brochure or downloaded as a PDF. It is also in print form and can be found in all accredited Gippsland Information Centres.


Hospitality Kit


A Hospitality Kit is available to hire (daily/ overnight) from the Bairnsdale Visitor Centre and includes six resources to support access:

  • Shake Awake Alarm Clock
  • TTY Telephone
  • Visual Alert and Flashing Light
  • Wirefree Bell Push and Chime
  • Mono/Stereo (TV volume) and Mono/Stereo (TV/Radio through hearing aid).

Further information about each item is available in the Hospitality Kit Brochure. Contact Council for details.


The kit is designed to support the comfort and safety of people who are deaf or hard of hearing when accessing accommodation/ public venues by providing a range of accessible hearing resources available to hire.


Further information available at:

Bairnsdale Visitor Information Centre

240 Main St, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

(03) 5152 3444



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