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Your Emergency Plans

Emergencies can happen at any time. They can be as large as a bushfire, flood or cyclone or as personal as a death in the family. But the better you prepare for them, the easier it is for you and your family to recover.


While emergency services do all they can to help, the person most responsible for your wellbeing before, during and after an emergency is you. 


Your Emergency Plans


Council has developed five free disaster preparedness forms that will help you prepare your household or farm for any emergency.

The Household Emergency Plan, Individual Emergency Plan and Farm Plan are editable PDFs. This means you can fill them in using the computer. You can also print the plans and fill them in manually.


If you haven't prepared and made a plan, an emergency could disrupt your life in ways you don't expect. Get prepared and you'll be more confident, more in control and more likely to cope when disaster strikes. 








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