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What is a heatwave?

A heatwave is a period of unusual and uncomfortably hot weather that could negatively affect human health, and community infrastructure (such as the power supply and public transport) and services.


Extreme heat can kill.  Heat-related illness can range from a rash or cramps to more serious conditions such as heat stroke.


People most at risk are people over 65, particularly if they live alone, the very young and people with a pre-existing medical condition.


Remember the most important thing to do during periods of extreme heat is to:

  • keep cool
  • drink plenty of water
  • stay out of the sun
  • look after yourself and others.
  • and remember your pets suffer during extreme heat.  Make sure they get plenty of clean, fresh water and somewhere shady and cool to rest during high temperatures.

Health concerns


If you are concerned that someone may be suffering a heat-related illness, encourage them to see their doctor or call an ambulance on 000 or 106 for people with a hearing or speech problem.


You may also call Nurse-on-Call on 1300 606 024 for 24hr health advice.


More information or Health Alerts


The Better Health Channel website provides advice on health matters.

You can also access health alerts issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.


Practical advice to beat the heat and enjoy your summer



Victorian Heat Health Plan

East Gippsland Heatwave Plan


Feel free to distribute these plans amongst your colleagues and friends.




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