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Twin Rivers Lions Club Branch Inc

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Twin Rivers Lions Club Branch is unique as it’s being developed as a SPECIAL FOCUS group with a cyber platform as well as regular community activities and events.


What are Specialist Lions Clubs?  Our members may share a hobby, profession or ethnicity.  People are joining groups of people around the world who are coming together to turn their passions into rewarding service projects that directly benefit their local communities.  In fact, a shared interest is how the Victoria Quilters Lions Club Inc, the Chinese Lions Club Inc and the Autistic Support Lions Club began.


What is different about Twin Rivers Lions Club Branch (TRLCB)?  TRLCB is a specialist cyber club - this enables us to start a group with likeminded people that already share a common interest or passion.  In our case this is Our Environment. 

Our first project was recycling materials into reusable shopping bags, this led onto Community Educational Gigs at local community markets in Lakes Entrance, then came the request to help make reusable pouches for the wildlife rescues project in our district.  All this within the first 6 months.

Benefits of having a local Lions Club - Lions are the largest voluntary service organisation in the world.  Our VISION is to be the Global Leader in Community and Humanitarian Service. –Lions International have a seat at the United Nations. We are 1.4 million Lions in 210 countries - OUR MOTTO - We Serve

  • Local Lions Clubs focus – include community service - fundraising - social
  • A successful Lions Club will have all three area in balance, knowing the importance of providing “random acts of kindness”, fundraising for specific projects and ensuring its members and friends of the club enjoy a balance with gathering socially for the purposes of enjoyment of friendships and getting to know the newer members and those potential members who are encouraged to attend these events.

 What are Lions Clubs Inc’s 5 Key Service areas?

  1. Environment- plant trees, clean up a park, save water, recycle, solar pumps, more rubbish bins etc
  2. Hunger - school breakfast program, school lunch program, planting fruit trees, participating in school garden & cooking projects and more
  3. Vision -recycle for sight, ride for sight, eye screening, information sessions, improved signage, large print booklets
  4. Diabetes –hold a community information session – guest speakers – greater awareness- support research, support local diabetes services
  5. Childhood cancer –LCCRF -biggest BBQ, - awareness- fundraising – speakers- promotion of the geneo research

Contact Details
Contact: Desma Payne
Ph (BH): 0432188295
Email: twinriversbb@gmail.com Ph (AH): 0432188295
Location: Princes Hwy, Swan Reach, Vic 3903 View as Map
Postal Address: PO BOX 172, SWAN REACH, VIC 3903

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