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The Salvation Army Community Centre

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As a church and support service provider, The Salvation Army understands the value of bringing people together. From the top brass right through to our army of volunteers and workers on the street, we’re proud to be a community of individuals working hard to make a difference.


Part of something big 

As part of a truly global movement, in more than 120 countries we’re able to empower individuals and communities and share our values of hope, compassion, dignity, justice and community. And, like any international organisation, it takes a whole lot of people power working together towards common goals. With our values embedded in our 150-year history, we are able to concentrate our gaze on a united vision of the future.


The Salvation Army has had a presence in Bairnsdale for more than 130 years.  We are currently located across two separate sites in Bairnsdale; at our community centre in Macleod Street and through our church located in Goold Street.

Contact Details
Contact: Cpt. David & Claire Jones
Ph (BH): 0351524201
Email: corpsofficer.bairnsdale@aus.salvationarmy.org Ph (AH): 0404873891
Web: http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/bairnsdale
Location: 62 Goold Street and 63 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale, Victoria 3875 View as Map
Postal Address: P.O Box 281, Bairnsdale, Victoria 3875

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