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1st Paynesville Sea Scout Group

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Scouting is a worldwide organisation that started early this century. It is the biggest youth orientated organisation in the world and exists for the benefit of young people.  The idea is to provide young people with an opportunity to extend themseleves and to channel their natural need for a challenge into useful and productive directions.  Today young people, whether living in large cities or rural townships, cannot always find the opportunity they need to ‘spread their wings’ and test themselves.  Instead they drift into “nothingness” with the cry of “I’m bored” or into destructive behavior and risk involvement with gangs or abuse of drugs or alcohol.  Although Scouting was developed many years ago, its concepts can offer an alternative appropriate to today’s needs.

Scouting is based around the idea that young people will naturally form small groups.  In these groups, leaders emerge.  Scouting ensures that these leaders are selected appropriately and are trained in such a way that the group values the right sort of achievements.  Scouting offers young people a chance to do things that today’s kids would otherwise rarely experience.  Scouting teaches skills that may be useful later on, such as first aid or camping and it offers skills that enable activities such as sailing or canoeing to be undertaken safely.  Scouting’s primary tool is fun, by dressing the educational aspects up as challenges, learning becomes fun and the fun is productive.

1st Paynesville Group is a Sea Scout Group. We put more of an emphasis on boating although we still undertake traditional Scouting activities like camping and hiking.  For administrative purposes, a Sea Scout group is the same as a land Scout group.  Sea Scouts (including Joeys, Cubs and Venturers) earn the same badges and receive much the same training, as their land Scout peers.  In practice, our Scouts and Venturers tend to get more water-orientated awards, but this is not necessarily the case in all instances.

Contact Details
Contact: Ken Bodinnar
Ph (BH): 0417 509 942
Email: seascouts3880@gmail.com Ph (AH): (03) 5156 0908
Location: The Esplanade (back of community centre), Paynesville, Victoria 3880 View as Map
Postal Address: PO Box 48, Paynesville, Victoria 3880

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