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Bemm River Action Group (BRAG)

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BRAG is comprised of the Community within Bemm River. BRAG has no committee, hold no monies & is under the auspice of Bemm River Progress & Improvement Association.

All actions taken on behalf of BRAG have been voted on by the community members attending the meetings. We have a chairperson who advocates the wishes of BRAG to the relivent stakeholder.


BRAG has worked closely with the East Gippsland Shire to impliment a Community plan for Bemm River. We are willing to work with our stakeholders to find solutions to problems that may arise.  BRAG has created our community vision.

Bemm River is a safe friendly community for residents and visitors in a pristine environment.

Contact Details
Contact: Megan Coffee
Ph (BH): 03 5158 4272
Email: megancoffee1962@gmail.com Ph (AH): 03 5158 4272
Postal Address: 31 Sydenham Inlet Rd, Bemm River, Victoria 3889