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Walks in East Gippsland

Walking resources for selected walks in East Gippsland.

East Gippsland boasts a wonderful range of walking opportunities.  Enjoy a walk around any of our towns along the waters edge or through the magnificent bush and mountain scenery.  Take a short walk down a long jetty, or a long bushwalk in remote bushland - there are dozens of walks and trails to choose from.


Enjoy the walk over the famous Lakes Entrance ‘Foot Bridge’, taking you to the spectacular Ninety Mile Beach.  Or explore the ‘Entrance Walk’ which allows you to experience the coastal sand dune habitat leading you to the historic man-made entrance to the Gippsland Lakes.  


The Omeo Region offers an extensive range of walking opportunities.  Stroll around the township of Omeo taking in the rich history of the town or venture into Livingstone Park and the nearby Oriental Claims to explore the gold mining history of the area.


Whether you are seeking walks in urban coastal or mountain settings, East Gippsland has a wide range of fantastic short and long walks on offer.


A selection of walking maps for viewing, printing or mobile devices are available below.  These and other walking maps are also available at Visitor Information Centres throughout East Gippsland.


Find out more about these and numerous other walks from the ‘Inspiring Gippsland Walks’ brochure. Just remember to tell someone where you are going and enjoy your walk!


Requirements for online viewing: Internet Explorer 10 or higher - Chrome browsers recommended


Avenza Maps: Download the Avenza Maps™ app and get offline maps for your iOS and Android devices. You can also download and view offline maps using Avenza Maps for Windows 10 on desktops and tablets.


Maps   Print version  Avenza Maps app View online
Bairnsdale Maps      Bairnsdale Avenza Maps

  Bairnsdale Online Maps

Bairnsdale Town Map

Bairnsdale Print Map PDF


Bairnsdale Town Centre Map

 Bairnsdale Town Centre Print Map PDF
Lakes Entrance Maps     Lakes Entrance Avenza Maps   Omeo Internet Browser Map

Lakes Entrance Town Map

 Lakes Entrance Town Print Map PDF



Lakes Entrance Town Centre Map

Lakes Entrance Town Centre Print Map PDF


Entrance Walk Map

 The Entrance Walk Print Map PDF

Omeo Region Maps

    Omeo Avenza Maps   Omeo Online Maps


Omeo Print Map PDF


Oriental Claims

Oriental Claims Print Map PDF


Benambra Walks

Benambra Walks Print Map PDF


Cassilis Walks (Jirnkee Race)

Cassilis Walks Print Map PDF


Swifts Creek Walks

Swifts Creek Walks Print Map PDF


Bentley Plain Walks

Bentley Plan Walks Print Map PDF

 Paynesville Map

Paynesville Map

  Paynesville Avenza Maps   Bentley Plain Walks Internet Browser Map




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