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Planning an Event


Please Note:

Due to the evolving Covid-19 situation, public events and gatherings are restricted under the current guidelines from Victorian Government until further notice (produce markets excepted).


If you are considering running an event in East Gippsland, please contact your events officer on 5153 9500 or email us at events@egipps.vic.gov.au to discuss.  For assistance in how to manage Covid-19 risk at your event, please view our Covid-19 Management Recomendations for Events.


For the latest information on government restrictions, please visit the DHHS website



This page contains a variety of information to assist events organisers:

1. Event Permit Application - Does your event need a permit?


Events held on public land require the completion of the Initial Event Permit Advice Form. If you require assistance when filling out the form please contact council's Events Unit. All forms should be submitted at least three months before your event.


If you prefer to fill out an on-line event permit application form, click here.


At a minimum, all event permit applications will need:

  1. Copy of current public liability insurance
  2. Risk Management Plan which identifies your event's risk and outlines how you plan to manage potential risk (see available template below)
  3. Site Plan showing the layout of your event

Depending on event activities, other considerations include:

  • Traffic Management Plan and permit from VicRoads for road closures
  • permission or permit from other land managers such as Gippsland Ports, DELWP or Parks Victoria
  • permission or permit from emergency services such as Police or CFA

For all your information on the above and more, with helpful tips on running an event, please view council's Event Planning Guide A to Z.  


2. Templates and Support Material for Events

3. Council Grants Program - Get funding from council for your event.

The Council Grants Program has three streams for funding, Community Grants, Arts and Heritage Alliance, and Regional and District Events Sponsorship. For further information, please see Council Grants. Council can advise whether your project or event might be eligible for State or Federal Government funding or grants.


4. Book a Council Facility for Your Event

Council controls facilities across the region that can be booked to host an event. These include the historic Bairnsdale Rotunda, Bairnsdale Nicholson Mall, Lakes Entrance Rotunda and our regional libraries and other community facilities. To make a booking contact Council.


Contact for Assistance

For assistance or advice regarding any of the above topics, email or contact Council.


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