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Performing arts across East Gippsland , music, shows, performance, and dance.

Arts in East Gippsland

The Shire recognises that arts and culture contribute to our prosperity from a sense of community engagement, economic development and health and well-being.

As part of the Arts and Cultural Development Program, the Forge Theatre and Arts Hub presents a public program of performance, music, exhibitions and workshops.


The Arts and Culture area resources and produces a variety of Artsand Heritage programs and projects. A monthly arts e-newsletter is produced and distributed to local artists, arts groups and interested individuals. 

The guide to Art, Culture and Heritage in East Gippsland is 'Up Close and  Personal'. For further information on these publications contact the Arts and Culture Coordinator.

Arts and Heritage Funding

Local artists, organisations and groups running Arts and/or Heritage activities are able to apply for a grant to a small pool of Arts and Heritage funding. This opportunity is available twice a year through Council's Community Grants Program and is publicly advertised in the local papers. 



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Come and Play All of May ~ Celebrating the Arts of Gippsland


Creative Gippsland is pleased to announce a creative program involving a month of workshops and artist residencies to celebrate the arts in Gippsland this May.

This is the seventh year that we’ve done this and we’ve changed it from a festival into a celebration of the arts.


There are over 200 activities, demonstrations, workshops, master classes, artist’s talks, residencies, bus tours and more across the region – with 30 in East Gippsland alone!  These will encourage collaboration and champion creativity.


Come and Play 2017 brochure

Come and Play 2017 events - East Gippsland


In an exciting development for 2017, Artist in residences have been developed. Six artists from diverse disciplines spanning visual arts, film making, music, photography and performance will spend a week in a  town in each of the six Gippsland councils.


The East Gippsland Artist is Elliott Hughes, who will be working on a project 'Hearing Here, Hearing There' in unsuspecting and surprising places in East Gippsland, to make new music with you!


Elliott would love to chat to you about the special or not so special places and spaces of East Gippsland that could be transformed with music and sound.


Elliott can be contacted on elliotthughesmusic@gmail.com, twitter @ehughesmusic,  & in person at the Bairnsdale Library Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 May between 10 and 12 noon.






One Million Star to End Violence


 One Million Stars Thankyou Sign-01.jpg


The project brings people together across Australia and the world to weave stars as an expression of support for ending all forms of violence, including violence against women and children; bullying; homophobia; transphobia; elder abuse; and racism. Stars have been chosen as a symbol of light and hope. The stars will be sent to Brisbane in Mid  2017 to be part of a giant installation on display as part of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Arts and Cultural Program!


Many people and groups contributed to success of East Gippsland reaching the pledged tally of 10,000 stars.


Thank you to the following people and Community groups who submitted the collection form.

If you wish to be listed please email:  OneMillionStars@egipps.vic.gov.au


Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House  

Lakes Entrance Girls Guides

Tambo Bay Community

East Gippsland Art Gallery

Lakes Entrance CWA

Relief Society of Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saints

Jill Crounch

Vanessa Kecan

Dianne Butson

Anna Wilson

Jane Janson

Donna Crawford

Gwen Robinson

Marie Donchi

Jill Shanahan

Diana Woodman

Joy Bennett

The Weaver Family

Carol Cunningham

Lois Capes

Sandy Clement

Angela Crunden

Dale Fisher

Mike  Smark

Faith Brown

Wendy Nickson

Barb Simpson

Leigh Barnetby

Atina Baker

Joy Seevers

Lakes Entrance U3A Craft Group

Casey Davis

Mrs Woodman

Sue Beal : Craft Group

Amaroo Country Women’s Association

Len Boyling

Marion Boyling

Janet Garble

Karen Sampson

Fraise Coull

Margie Kavanaugh

Ruth Ryan

Chris Osborne

Rosie Nuttal

Lorraine Harrap

Noweyung Girls day out

June Mackie

Community House Monday Craft Group

Bairnsdale Regional Health Day Activity group

Judith Burgess

Sharon Margetts




Past Projects


Everyday Interventions 2015

This program uses the Arts to help people talk about the impact of race based discrimination.

It also celebrates diversity.


Everyday Interventions is an arts project that creates opportunities for communities to express their own stories.


Project details and see the YouTube videos


 EveryDay-Interventions-resized Copy.jpg



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