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Permit to Install or Alter a Septic Tank System Application

Before You Start

There are some rules which apply for an Application to Install or Alter a Septic Tank System, please read the rules before completing the application.


You will also need to attach a site map, signed by both the owner and plumber, and a locality map.


Environment Protection Act 1970


There are some hard words in this form.  The hard words are underlined.  Click on the words to read what they mean on our definitions page.


Applicants should make sure that the property owner gets a copy of this application. For current fees please contact East Gippsland Shire Council on (03) 5153 9500.


The form should be fully completed and returned to Council with:

1. A site plan signed by the plumber and property owner

2. A locality plan attached

4. A copy of Land Capability Assessment

5. A full copy of current title for the property

6. Copy of certificate of conformity (Aerated waste water systems only)

7. Payment for the application received


If the details are correct, and the application and plans are approved, a "Permit to install or alter a septic tank system" is issued.


A member of the Customer Service Team will be in contact within one (1) working day to arrange for payment of this application once received.



Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed
Fill in your details
Phone Number
Property Details
Owner's Details (if different from applicant)
Plumber's Details
Building Surveyor Details
Do you want Council to notify your building surveyor when the permits are issued?
Proposed System Details
What type of water supply is there? * (required)
Is there a river or creek along the boundary of the property?
Is there a spa?
Does the property have bore water?
Are there any nearby dams?
Is there an insinkerator?
Everyone must fill in this section
I/We agree that we have read and understood the requirements of this application and all information given is correct * (required)



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