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Initial Event Permit Advice

Before You Start


You may need to attach some documents to this application. Please read through and complete the questionnaire before you complete the application.


 Event Questionnaire

This permit has a fee. Not for profit organisations do not pay a fee.

We recommend you apply 3 months before the date of event for the application to be processed.

You will generally need an event permit if your event is on or impacts the use of public land or normal public activities. This document will give you an understanding of the needs for events in East Gippsland and give you advice on other permits needed.

Small events seeking a permit must provide a copy of the following material with your Event Permit Application.

1. The details of or copy of your public liability insurance documents with minimum value of $20 million.

2. A site plan including locations of temporary fencing, toilets, parking, bins, first aid post etc. You will need to develop a plan for any risk that may happen. You must include first aid services.

A checklist of what to include on your site plan is available on the Council website,

Small events do not need to supply a copy of the following documents with your application, but it must be available if asked for at your event by a Council Community Laws Officer.

3. For events on Council land, your Event Permit application is your request for permission to use the land. However if using the Rotunda, Kiosk and/or Stage Area in Bairnsdale you will need to make contact with Bairnsdale Service Centre to find out if the building/s are available.

4. You will need written permission from the venue or land manager, such as Council, grounds Committee of Management, VicRoads, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Gippsland Ports or other businesses.

5. You will need to tell, in writing or email, the suitable people of your event i.e. Police, Vic Roads, CFA, SES, Hospital and Ambulance. All events must tell the local Police.

7. All competitive on-road events (i.e. bicycle or car racing) will need written permission from the Chief Commissioner of Police.

If you need advice please contact the Shire Events Unit on 03 5153 9500.


A member of the Customer Service Team will be in contact to arrange for payment of this application.


Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed
Event Questionaire, Please complete before completing this application
Will the event need additional waste services? * (required)
Will the event need temporary fencing? * (required)
Will the event require roadside advertising?
Do you have access to acceptable drinking water for participants and spectators? * (required)
Is the event being held in a public building (e.g. hall), is the venue larger than 500 m2?
Will the event have a temporary structure larger than 100 m2? * (required)
Will there be fireworks?
Will the event include the sale or drinking of alcohol?
Will the event be playing recorded music and/or music video? * (required)
Will the event need road or car park closures? * (required)
Will the event have food and drinks supplied to be sold there? * (required)
Will the event have security or crowd controllers?
Is your event within 200 meters of coastal waters and held on Crown Land (any public land including roads, recreation reserves and foreshore areas)? * (required)
If you need any advice please contact Council's Events Unit on (03) 5153 9500.
Fill in your details
Phone Numbers
Event Details
Open the calendar popup.
Open the calendar popup.
Please tick the box or boxes that apply to your venue

Please enter the code from the image to continue



    Privacy Statement

    The East Gippsland Shire Council asks for details about you to collect rates, approve permits and licences, and run a range of community services.  The information you give to us on this form is used only for the reasons set out in the form and is not given to anybody else. Sometimes we may supply details about you to someone else, but only if we are allowed by law, or to protect someone or property.

    When information is given out, Council will always try to make sure your privacy is protected in line with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.  You may ask for more information about Council’s Privacy Policy by contacting our Information Privacy Officer on 03 5153 9500 or e-mail feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au


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