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Livestock Grazing Application


General Local Law 2017


To see the fee for this application please visit the Community Laws Fees and Charges page.


A member of the Customer Service Team will be in contact within one (1) working day to arrange for payment of this application once received.


There are some rules that need to be followed for this permit. You can read the rules at the bottom of this page.


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    Grazing of Livestock Rules

    General Local Law 2017

    1. A permit will be issued to the owner or occupier of the property immediately contacting the part of road reserve being used for grazing.
    2. You must give Council a copy of your public liability insurance or give details on the second page.
    3. Grazing will not be allowed between sunset and sunrise.
    4. Bull or Stallions are not allowed to graze on road reserve.
    5. A responsible person will be in attendance with the stock at all times. Electric fencing or other appropriate physical containment method must be used to confine and contain the livestock to a specific site.
    6. When stock are grazing on the road reserve, Give Way To Stock signs must be displayed. Signs must be facing any direction from where traffic will be coming. The signs should either be fixed on poles (if practicable) or be secured firmly so as to prevent them being blown over by the wind or passing vehicles. If the Council has limited grazing stock to a certain distance, then the GIVE WAY TO STOCK sign should show this distance rather than 5 km.
    7. You are required to report to Council any stock that is known to be affected with Ovine Johnes, Bovine Johnes, Footrot or any other reportable disease.
    8. The permit holder must take reasonable steps to prevent livestock from damaging any tree, shrub or bush on Council land. In areas of high sensitive vegetation value livestock are not permitted to remain in those areas and must move directly through the site with a minimum of interference to the vegetation.
    9. The permit holder is required to make sure all animal droppings are removed from any part of the roadway, path or bridge and regular cleaning to make sure the droppings and movement of stock do not cause a hazard on the roadway.
    10. The applicant must take all precautions to ensure that no damage occurs to road surfaces, furniture, drains, culverts, bridges and private driveways and that erosion is not caused by excessive grazing or movement. The applicant is liable to make good on any such damage caused.
    11. The applicant must meet with the provisions of the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986.

    Privacy Statement

    The East Gippsland Shire Council asks for details about you to collect rates, approve permits and licences, and run a range of community services.  The information you give to us on this form is used only for the reasons set out in the form and is not given to anybody else. Sometimes we may supply details about you to someone else, but only if we are allowed by law, or to protect someone or property.

    When information is given out, Council will always try to make sure your privacy is protected in line with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.  You may ask for more information about Council’s Privacy Policy by contacting our Information Privacy Officer on 03 5153 9500 or e-mail feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au


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