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Cr Richard Ellis

Cr Dick Ellis, a third-term Councillor, has broad experience in public administration and public sector management.


He is a lead member of several regional advocacy groups and a member of both regional and state management and advisory boards.


Dick, a long time East Gippsland resident from Lakes Entrance, continues a lifetime of community engagement constantly seeking a positive future for all East Gippslanders.


Cr Ellis served as a member of the following Advisory Committees and Working Groups in 2018-19:

• Bairnsdale Regional Landfill Environment Advisory Committee

• Disability Advisory Committee

• Marina Consultative Committee


Cr Ellis was a Council representative to the following external organisations:

• Australian Coastal Councils Association

• Local Government Waste Forum

• Municipal Association of Victoria – Representative

• Municipal Association of Victoria – Environment Committee

• Municipal Association of Victoria – Planning Committee

• Municipal Association of Victoria – Professional Development Reference Group

• National Timber Councils Association

• Rail Freight Alliance



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