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Community Health and Wellbeing Plan

This plan is a strategy to guide the actions, focus and endeavours of local organisations with an interest in health and wellbeing.

It will be complemented by an Action Plan that will assist to focus our efforts and ensure that the document stimulates positive change in our communities.


The document will mean different things to different organisations and is intended to be used by multiple agencies, groups and individuals across the shire.


As a community member:

It’s time to get involved! This document can be used by anyone in the community who wants to help make East Gippsland an even more wonderful place to live. There will be opportunities to help design, and participate in local action across all priority areas over the next four years.


As a community organisation:

This document gives a clear sense of what the community has prioritised for the health and wellbeing of East Gippsland.


It recognises that there is already great activity occurring and provides a new opportunity to strengthen this action by involving everyone, ensuring that we’re all heading toward the same outcomes at the same time, and reinforcing each other’s work.


More broadly, Well Placed for Wellbeing provides a platform for organisations to develop collaborative local actions with members of the community.


Well Placed for Wellbeing: Partnering for Healthier and More Connected Communities 2017-2021 (PDF 2MB)


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