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View Council’s Annual Budget for 2018/19.

Council’s Budget is developed each year within an overall planning framework that guides Council in identifying and addressing community needs and aspirations over the long term (Community Vision 2030), medium term (Council Plan) and short term (Annual Budget).


All Victorian councils are required to adopt their 2018/19 annual budgets by 30 June 2018.  

Budget 2018/19

Council’s Annual Budget for 2018/19 was adopted at a Special Council Meeting on 26 June 2018 following a public exhibition process and consideration of submissions received from the public.


2018/19 Council Budget (PDF 1.69MB)


Previous Budgets

2017/18 Council Budget (PDF 2.16MB)

2016/17 Council Budget  (PDF 2.56MB)  

2015/16 Council Budget (PDF 1.6MB)

2014/15 Council Budget (PDF 1.9MB)

2013/14 Council Budget (PDF 999KB)


View our Annual Reports.


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