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Friends of the Cobberas

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We are a small group of volunteers from all walks of life, who are interested in the conservation of the Cobberas and adjacent areas of the Alpine National Park.


Our objectives are to-

·         Provide support to the management of the Alpine National Park

·         Assist the Rangers with special projects and activities in the Park

·         Foster public awareness of the Park and it's associated values and issues

·         Bring together people with a mutual interest in the Alpine National Park

Where is the Cobberas?

The Cobberas area is in the remote East Alps Unit of the Alpine National Park, which is between Benambra and the Snowy River.  The Cobberas Range itself is just south of the NSW border, so too far for a day trip for most members.  We tend to organise weekend activities where you can camp out with other members, or stay in Omeo or Gelantipy and travel out for a day.


Features or the area include-magnificent peaks, rare and threatened flora and fauna, sub-alpine herbfields, magnificent Alpine Ash forests, snowgum woodland and snowgrass plans, pristine rivers and streams, historic huts… the list goes on.

What do we do?

Enjoy the mountains on group camp outs and walks

Environmental monitoring and surveys

Assist with monitoring or control of pest plants and animals

Walking track maintenance

Removing old wire fences and posts, installing signs, photography and more


What are the groups major projects?

Mt Stradbroke Walking Track.  Track maintenance and installation of route markers on the  walking track to Mt Stradbroke


Feral Horse Monitoring Plots. A long term monitoring program that involves friends regularly in photo monitoring and maintenance

Plus many other minor projects (some complete, some ongoing) including - Mt Cobberas 1 Walking Track marking and sign installation, assisting Parks Victoria with a small Chilean Needle Grass infestation, designing and installing an historic interpretive sign, threatened species monitoring (both plants and animals), producing Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby posters, checking exclusion fencing protecting threatened species or ecosystems.  

Do you have ideas for other projects or activities?

Please let us know! www.friendscobberas.com.au 

Why Join?

Why not!!  You’ll enjoy the company of new friends, spend time in fresh mountain air, with spectacular mountain views in a great part of the High Country.  Help contribute to the conservation of this remote area in the Alpine National Park.


Do I need to be fit or have experience?

No, bring your enthusiasm and you will find activities to be involved with.  Friends are all volunteers, working together and learning together. Whether we are working on a walking track, searching for tiny native orchids, using a GPS to record rabbit warrens, tackling a week problem, or just needing ideas for future projects – we can use your input.


The Friends of the Cobberas is under the umbrella of the Victorian National Parks association and is supported by Parks Victoria.

Contact Details
Contact: Pam Chynoweth
Ph (BH): 03 5156 8187
Email: info@friendscobberas.com.au Ph (AH): 03 5156 8187
Web: http://www.friendscobberas.com.au/
Location: Day Avenue, Omeo, Victoria 3898 View as Map
Postal Address: PO Box 69, Bruthen, Victoria 3885

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