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Programs, Projects, Hard Waste and E-Waste

Clean Up Australia

Clean Up Australia Day creates a perfect opportunity for everyone to lend a hand to clean up their local environment and also to kick start simple but effective initiatives in their homes.

Annual registration's are available at Clean Up or by phoning 1800 CUA DAY (1800 282 329).


Council supports all community groups that register for Clean Up Australia Day events each year by:

  • Distributing Clean Up kits to site  and/or acting as a pick-up point
  • Arranging for free disposal of waste collected at landfill sites-groups to arrange collection and drop off to the landfill site

Keep Victoria Beautiful

Council is a member of Keep Victoria Beautiful (KVB), therefore entries from individuals, groups and organisations in East Gippsland in the following Awards are free every year:

  • The Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards are Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria's annual environmental awards program for regional Victoria. The awards recognise and celebrate positive actions being taken by individuals, groups and organisations that are making a valuable contribution to make their communities more sustainable. Registrations for Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards are open during February/March each year.

  • The Clean Beaches Awards are Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria’s annual environmental awards program for beachside communities. The awards recognise and celebrate positive actions being taken by individuals, groups and organizations that are making a valuable contribution in planning for, protecting and enhancing their beach environment. Any beach may be entered from Victoria’s almost 2000km of coastline, its diverse bays or even along an inland river. Registrations for The Clean Beaches Awards are open during February/March each year.

Adopt a Roadside Program

Keep Victoria Beautiful Adopt a Roadside program aims to reduce litter on Victoria’s roadsides to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improve the quality of vegetation, and prevent soil degradation and erosion. The program promotes civic responsibility, community pride and fellowship.


Adopt a Roadside volunteers help remove roadside litter and/or undertake revegetation works including the removal of weeds within Victoria’s arterial road network in regional Victoria. Volunteers receive:

  • Safety training and first aid kits
  • Public liability and personal injury insurance
  • Permission from VicRoads to carry out volunteer work on the roadside.

VicRoads provides safety equipment including high visibility vests, gloves and workman ahead signs to ensure the volunteers are as safe as possible while working on the roadside. If you would like to become an Adopt a Roadside volunteer, email info@kvb.org.au. 

For more information on The Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Awards, The Clean Beaches Awards or Adopt a Roadside, visit the Keep Victoria Beautiful website.


Drum Muster

Drum Muster is the national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non-returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers. Drum Muster’s belief is that the responsible use of chemicals, and waste management initiatives means a cleaner environment for the community as a whole and adds to Australia’s clean and green image. The aim is to take non-returnable chemical containers out of the waste stream and move them into the recycling stream.


Drums can be disposed of at Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance and Orbost Landfills, and Omeo and Lindenow Transfer Stations. Clean containers (less than 20) are accepted at all times; over 20 drums requires notification and advance booking.  

Visit the Drum Muster website for more information.


Mobile Muster

Mobile Muster is the official national recycling program of the mobile phone industry in Australia. Initiated by the telecommunication's industry, its aim is to prevent mobile phones ending up in landfill. The program collects and recycles mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories from a network of over 2000 mobile phone retailers, local councils, government agencies and businesses drop off points across Australia.


Over 525 tonnes of mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories have already been collected and the goal is to increase annual collection of mobile phone handsets, batteries and accessories from 50 to 150 tonnes per annum and halve the number of handsets going to landfill. So when it comes to old mobile phones, batteries and accessories the message is simple "Round 'em up and hand 'em in!"


Council supports the Mobile Muster program by having permanent collection boxes available for the community to dispose of their old mobile phones in at the following locations:

  • Corporate Centre, 273 Main Street, Bairnsdale
  • Bairnsdale Customer Service Centre , 24 Service Street, Bairnsdale
  • Lakes Entrance Service Centre, Mechanics Street, Lakes Entrance
  • Orbost Service Centre, 1 Ruskin Street, Orbost

Hard Waste

Households in East Gippsland receive one hard waste voucher with their rates notice, annually. Vouchers are valid for 1 cubic metre of hard waste per voucher and are for use at registered waste disposal facilities. Vouchers are issued with your rates notice.  If it was not included please contact Council's Waste unit.


Property owners who have tenanted properties should pass the vouchers on to their tenants to encourage correct disposal of hard waste.


If you have used your voucher and have more hard waste, you must pay for its disposal at a local landfill.


Hard Waste Items Accepted with your hard waste voucher

  • Household Appliances
  • Lawnmowers–no fuel or oil
  • Empty paint tins–lid removed
  • Furniture
  • Carpet and Linoleum
  • Kitchenware
  • Mattress - single only
  • Hot water systems
  • Home improvement items eg cupboards, sinks, fittings
  • Glass and mirrors–wrapped

Hard Waste Items NOT Accepted with your hard waste voucher

  • Asbestos
  • Green Waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Building waste (for example, bricks and rubble)
  • Household waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous items–chemical or medical
  • Tyres
  • Fencing material
  • Recyclables

Items that can be Recycled and Deposited free of charge

  • Scrap metal
  • White goods
  • Car Batteries
  • Household Batteries (Bairnsdale Landfill only)
  • LED Lightglobes (Bairnsdale Landfill only)
  • Vehicle parts
  • Cardboard

Please check that your local landfill and/or transfer station accepts the waste you plan to recycle or dispose of before making your trip to the site. 



E-waste, or electronic waste, includes televisions, computers and their accessories.  It contains many toxic materials, many of which can be recycled.  All waste facilities will accept televisions, computers and accessories for recycling. The Bairnsdale Landfill is the nominated free disposal point for televisions and computers under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme supplied by Tech Collect



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