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Kerbside Bin Issues

Additional Waste Service 

If you believe your household meets one of the criteria below you can apply for a 240L household waste. You can apply for a larger waste bin via the permit system, please contact Council's Waste Unit

  • Families of 5 or more people living permanently at the address
  • Households with two or more children in disposable nappies
  • Households with four or more people, one being a child in disposable nappies
  • Households with special medical requirements (this must be confirmed by a Medical Practitioner). Liquid waste and syringes are not acceptable. 

Second Service Option

Households that would like an extra service but do not meet any of the above have the option of adding a second service to their property.  A second service is another complete set of bins the same as you already have i.e. either a 2 or 3 bin service.  The second service will be added to the property rating information and charged at the applicable annual rate. 


You will also be charged a pro rata fee for the establishment of the second service.  To arrange a second bin service for your property please Contact Council.


Missed Bin Collection

If your bin/s have not been collected or have not been emptied properly on collection day, please Contact Council or Tambo Waste directly on 5155 3622 before 1.00 pm the same day and report the matter. 


Moving house and not sure what to do with your bins?

When moving house do not take your kerbside bins with you. Every household that receives a kerbside collection service is issued with a set of bins that have been registered to the property.  When you move from one property to another your new home will have an existing set of bins.  If there are no bins at your new home please speak with the previous owners or your real estate agent before contacting Council as you will need to pay to have the bins replaced.

Moving from an existing property into a newly built property will require activation of the service at the new property. To activate a new service, please contact Council.


In all cases the rule is simple – leave the bins behind.


Out of Collection Area Options

If your property is located outside of the defined kerbside waste collection area you will not be charged for the collection service on your annual rates notice. You can take your waste and recycling to one of Council's waste management facilities or private servicing is available in some areas from locally based private companies.  Please contact your preferred provider for further information on services available. 


Stolen/Replacement Bins

Fees apply for the replacement of kerbside bins. The current charges are: 


$117 for a 240 litre bin (standard size of recycle and green waste bins)

$91 for a 120 litre bin (standard size of household waste bins)

Lost or Stolen Bins

If your waste bin is lost or stolen from your property:

  • Report the lost/stolen bin to Council
  • Arrange for a replacement bin and pay the applicable fee upfront (as detailed above)
  • If you believe your bin was stolen under extenuating circumstances and you wish to request a refund of the replacement fee, please lodge a written request to Council detailing the circumstances of the bin being stolen and that you are requesting a refund
  • Refund requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Waste Unit and outcomes will be advised direct to the applicant.

Damaged Bins

If your waste bin is damaged when put out for collection, please notify Council.  A form will be completed for your property and Tambo Waste will be notified, arrangements will then be made to have the bin repaired at no cost to you.

For more information, check our Household Waste, Recycling and Organics Guide




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