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FAQs and Quick Links

Q.  How do I place my bins?

A.  Please ensure you place your bins on the kerb, 1 metre apart and with enough space for the trucks mechanical arm to easily lift your bin.           


Q.  My bin was not emptied

A.  If your waste bin is missed or has not been emptied properly on the designated collection day, please promptly Contact Council Contact or Tambo Waste direct on 5155 3622 before 1.00 pm the same day and report the matter. 


Q.  My bin has been stolen / is damaged / needs replacing

A.  Kerbside Bin Issues 


Q.  I need more or bigger bins

A.  Kerbside Bin Issues


Q.  I’m moving – what do I do with my bins?

A.  Kerbside Bin Issues


Q.  I’ve just built a house and want a collection service

A.  Kerbside Waste Services


Q.  Do I take my bin with me when I move house? 

A.  Kerbside Bin Issues


Q.  Where can I get bins for my new house from?

A.  Kerbside Waste Services 


Q.  I’m out of the collection area – what are my options?

A. If your property is located outside of the defined kerbside waste collection zone you will not be charged for the kerbside waste collection service in your annual rates. You can dispose of your waste and recycling at one of the Council-operated waste management facilities (please see section on Landfills and Transfer Stations) and/or private servicing is available in some areas from locally based private companies.  Please contact your preferred provider for further information on services available.


Q.  Where and how can I dispose of chemical waste such as old farm chemicals?

A.  Council does not accept liquid or chemical waste. Chemclear is a national program for collection and disposal of unwanted agricultural or veterinarian chemicals.  Visit Chemclear for more information, or call Chemclear on 1800 008 182 to make an appointment to have your chemicals collected.


Council also hosts a free home chemical collection day provided by Sustainability Victoria. This is scheduled every two years. For the mobile collection calendar please visit Resource Smart.


Q.  Does the Shire offer a commercial kerbside collection service?

A.  No, it does not.  There are a number private operators that can provide a commercial service, which can be found in the Yellow Pages


Q.  What can I put in my waste bin?

A.  View Kerbside Waste Services


Q.  What can I put in my recycle bin?

A.  Kerbside Recycling Services


Q.  What happens to my recyclables after they get collected?

A.  Recyclables are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility in Bairnsdale where it is sorted into paper, plastics and steel.  The material is baled and trucked to Melbourne where it is processed for manufacturing.  The material is then made into usable products, which can be used and recycled again.


Q.  What can I put in my green waste bin?

A.  Kerbside Green Waste Service 


Q.  What is done with the green waste collected from the kerbside? 

A.  The material is chipped and transported to the Dutson Downs Soil and Organic Recycling Facility


Q.  Can I apply for a larger (240L) household waste bin?

A.  Yes, if you meet one of our four criteria you may receive a larger bin.  For more information, visit Kerbside Bin Issues or Contact Council.


Q.  What is the earliest time the waste collection trucks are allowed to start kerbside collection?

A.  6.00 am. If you have had your bin collected before this time please Contact Council with the details.


Q.  Why wasn’t my bin collected?

A.  You need to have placed your bin out the night before, as collection times may vary.  If your recycling or green waste bin has an infringement notice on it, the contaminant will need to be removed from the bin before it is collected.  If the street was missed, please Contact Council or Tambo Waste direct on 5155 3622 before 1.00 pm the same day and report the matter.  


Q.  What if I have waste left in my bin after emptying?

A.  You will need to identify if the waste was jammed into the bin and therefore was unable to drop out when the bin was emptied. To ensure that this does not happen place heavier waste in the bottom and do not push you waste down into the bin with excessive force.


Q.  What is contamination?

A.  Something that does not belong in that bin. e.g. plastic bags or Styrofoam cups in the recycle bin, OR cardboard or soil in the green waste bin.  Contamination in the recycling truck or green waste truck increases the cost of recycling or reuse of the product. This is because the only way to separate these items is by hand. Sometimes considerable expense results when a large contaminated load needs to be separated.  Please take the time to consider what is being placed in your bins and recycle wisely.


Q.  Why have I got an infringement sticker on my recycle bin?

A.  There is contamination in your recycling bin.  To see what can and can’t go in the recycle bin Kerbside Recyling Services


Q.  Why don’t I have a green waste bin?

A.  You most likely live in an area where green waste bins are optional or not in a green waste collection area.  If you are in an optional area you can apply for a green waste bin Contact Council


Q.  When does my bin get collected?

A.  View Council's Bin Collection Dates


Q.  When do I put my bin out?

A.  The night before the day of collection.  


Q.  Will my bin be collected on public holidays?

A.  Yes, except for Christmas Day and New Years day. These collections will be scheduled for another day in that week. The change to collection days is  advertised in the shire information advertisement in the local paper and on the Shire Website.


Q.  What can I do with excess waste and/or recyclables?

A.  Excess waste and recyclables can be taken directly to a transfer station or landfill.


Q.  Can I have more than one waste/recycle/green waste bin?

A.  Residents can apply for a second service. Contact Council

Q. How do I dispose of mattresses?

A. Residents have multiple options for disposing of mattresses.
Options are:

1. Pay the disposal charge at the landfill or transfer station. Prices are: Single $36.00 Double or Larger $54.00

2. They can strip the mattress themselves (are not allowed to do this at the site)
i. Use a knife to cut around the edge of the mattress

ii. Pull back and roll up the lining/stuffing – this can be placed in household kerbside bin or taken to landfill/transfer station for disposal (charge should range between $3 and $10 depending on the amount of stuffing/cover that comes off the mattress

iii. Metal springs can be taken to the landfill or transfer station for disposal free of charge

3. At Bairnsdale Landfill they can take the mattress to the Tip shop who will strip it for them. Prices are:  Single $ 25.00 Double/Queen $ 35.00 King $ 45.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Q.  How do I dispose of whitegoods?

A.  They can be taken to landfill or transfer stations for free. They cannot be collected as a part of the kerbside waste strategy.


Q.  Where is my closest Waste Disposal facility?

A.  See Landfills  or Transfer Stations  


Q.  Where do I dispose of E-Waste?

A.  E-Waste such as computers and televisions can be taken to landfill sites for a small fee.

E-Waste can be taken to Bairnsdale Landfill at no cost as the site is the nominated free disposal point for televisions and computers under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme supplied by Tech Collect


Q.  Can I report illegal dumping?

A.  Yes.  Contact Environment Protection Authority's Pollution Watch line on 1800 444 004 or Council's Local Laws Department.


Q.  How do I dispose of Asbestos?

A.  Asbestos can currently be received at Bairnsdale Landfill, providing it is wrapped in two layers of plastic and sealed.  If it is not securely wrapped you will be refused entry.


Q.  I have a business and I’d like to recycle. What are my options?

A.  Council strongly encourages recycling in local businesses. 

Though Council does not collect commercial waste, there are some options available for local enterprises.  You can organise collection with a commercial waste company, or Contact Council' s Waste Unit for other collection options.

You may also Contact Council 's Waste Unit to organise waste and recycling education for staff at your business. 



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