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   Childhood immunisation

Childhood Immunisations



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 Secondary School Immunisation Program




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Immunisation FAQ's



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Travel Vaccinations


  Understanding Childhood Immunisations

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 Questions about vaccinations


Flu vaccinations are now available at our sessions


Immunisation records are held at ACIR for all children born from 1997. For a copy of immunisation records for children phone ACIR on 1800 653 809. You can also access these records directly from a Medicare office.

Council administers a comprehensive immunisation program for infants, children and adults, including secondary school children through our School Immunisation program.

All eligible children can receive vaccinations on the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule free of charge, through Council Immunisation sessions. Appointments are not necessary at these sessions but you must bring along the child’s health record book and Medicare card. You will need to stay for 15 minutes after vaccination, to allow for observation.


Whooping cough, Hepatitis B and flu vaccines are also available through Council immunisation sessions, at a cost. Visits to workplaces also occur throughout the year to supply these vaccines to staff. For more information or to book a visit contact Council.        

Immunisation dates 2016 

PLEASE NOTE:  There has been a change of day for immunisation services from October 2015 from Tuesday to Thursdays. Venues remain the same and session times have been extended. 

Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale Library 22 Service Street


                  12.30 pm to 2.30 pm
 January 7          July 7
 February 4  August 4
 March 3  September 1
 April 7  October 6
 May 5

 November 3

 June 2 December 1
                     4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
 January 21  July 21
 February 18        August 18
 March 17  September 15
 April 21  October 20
 May 19  November 17
 June 16  December 15



Bruthen, Community Health Project, Main Street

Bruthen session times are 10:30 am - 11:00 am on the below dates.


Lakes Entrance, Mechanics Hall, Mechanics Street

Lakes Entrance session times are 12:30 - 2:30 pm on the below dates.


                        Bruthen and Lakes Entrance

 January 21

 July 21

 February 18

 August 18

 March 17

 September 15

 April 21

 October 20

 May 19

 November 17

 June 16

 December 15



Paynesville, Community Centre, 55 The Esplanade 


                        9.30 am to 10.30 am
 January  7                        July 7
 February 4  August 4
 March 3  September 1
 April 7  October 6
 May 5

 November 3

 June 2  December 1



Buchan, Bush Nursing Centre, 61 Main Road

Weekdays by appointment. Phone 5155 9222.


Cann River, Bush Nursing Centre, 23-25 Monaro Highway

Weekdays by appointment. Phone 5154 6685.


Mallacoota, Health and Support Service, 1 Mattsson Street

Weekdays by appointment. Phone 5154 6685.


Omeo, Medical Centre, 17 Sebastopol Hill Road

Weekdays by appointment. Phone 5159 1218.


Orbost, Maternal and Child Health Centre, 29 Browning Street

Weekdays by appointment. Phone 5154 6685.





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