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Food Businesses

Registrations, complaint investigation, conducting inspections and food sampling.


New Food Businesses (including Food Vehicles)

Environmental Health Officers must ensure that all new food establishments are registered under the Food Act 1984 and are constructed to comply with the required standards. The steps involved in starting a new business have been outlined below including links to construction guidelines and application forms.

Step 1. To discuss Building and Planning issues, contact Council.

Step 2. Lodge a copy of your proposed floor plan.

Step 3. Submit an Application for registration of a food premises, and depending upon risk class, lodge a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and completed Food Safety Program with relevant payment.

Step 4. Contact officers for progress and final inspections.

Step 5. Registration Certificate is issued.

Step 6. Operate Business and implement Food Safety Program.

Guidelines for Food Premises Design and Equipment

Department of Health - Food Business Information 
Food Safety and Your Business 


Buying an Existing Food Business (Transfer of Registration)


When purchasing a food business the following steps should be undertaken

Step 1. Contact Council's Environmental Health unit regarding your intentions to buy the business.

Step 2. Apply for a Request for an inspection and information on a registered premises which will give you the details of any outstanding Food Act requirements on the business.

Step 3. Apply for a transfer of registration for the business immediately after settlement.


Temporary Food Stalls/Festival


Single approval for temporary and mobile food premises to operate in Victoria

If you operate a food van, food stall, food vending machines or a drinking water carting business, you only need to register with, or notify one municipality, which will be your "Principal Council". Your selected Council will assess your intended activity and assign a Food risk class.


Once registration is complete, you are required to lodge a Statement of Trade to all Council areas in which you wish to operate. For a state-wide registration form contact Council.


Further information can be obtained on the Department of Health's Food Safety website.            


Food News

Council’s Environmental Health unit produces a newsletter which is delivered to all food business annually.


Food Safety Newsletter October 2013




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