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Seller Attractions


  • Low-cost fees.
  • Easy-to-read display boards over each pen.
  • Quality reputation to attract strong buyer turnout.
  • Attracts competitive prices proven well above direct paddock sales.
  • Meeting areas for exchange of industry information.
  • Sales feature in the National Livestock Reporting Service (ABC Radio and local newspapers).




East Gippsland Livestock Exchange adheres to the Saleyard Code of Conduct. This provides an environment that minimises stress levels to livestock, with the following design and management features:

  • Manicured sawdust flooring presented for each sale day.
  • Viewer-friendly walkway design.
  • Acoustically designed to diffuse noise levels.
  • Designed for maximum fresh air exchange.
  • Undercover pens maximising natural lighting
  • Auto-refill fresh potable water to each pen
  • Laneway and pen design minimises bruising risk to livestock and facilitates safe handling.



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