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Bairnsdale and District

The gateway to East Gippsland, Bairnsdale is a thriving provincial centre of 12,000 people set on the banks of the Mitchell River.

Once home to steam boats and traders who arrived in the area in the 1850s, Bairnsdale is now the commercial and administrative hub of the region offering history, the arts, culture and retail.


The town’s rich heritage can be found throughout the town, including the rotunda in the centre of town, the spectacular murals and architecture of St Mary’s Church, and Bairnsdale Court House, which is noted for its 19th century architecture.


It is the largest town in East Gippsland by both population and business size.


Learn more about Council’s plans for Bairnsdale and District below.


Mountain Bike Tourism Destination Report 

Bairnsdale Sporting Facilities Plan

Re-Imagining Bairnsdale Master Plan and Nicholson Street Upgrade

Building a Better Bairnsdale

East Bairnsdale and Lucknow Structure Plan

Walking and Wayfinding Report

Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy

Bairnsdale CBD Parking Map

Howitt Park Master Plan

East Bairnsdale Drainage Project

Bairnsdale Connect


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Mountain Bike Tourism Destination Report


In 2016 Mount Taylor was evaluated for its suitability as a mountain bike tourism destination.


Please note that the report includes a similar evaluation carried out for Livingstone Park and Omeo.


Mountain Bike Tourism Destination Report (PDF 24MB)



Bairnsdale Sporting Facilities Plan


A study being undertaken into Bairnsdale’s sporting facilities aims to identify the ideal mix of facilities needed to service the community now and into the future.


Sporting clubs and members of the public have been invited to complete surveys to help East Gippsland Shire Council develop a Bairnsdale Sporting Facilities Plan. The project does not include aquatic facilities.


The final outcome of the project will be a detailed guide for the provision of the most appropriate, efficient, fit for purpose, inclusive and sustainable mix of sporting facilities for Bairnsdale, and the broader area.


The project is only in the early stages, with further consultation to come.


Follow the project by visiting Your Say East Gippsland or sign up to receive project updates by email.


Re-Imagining Bairnsdale Masterplan and Nicholson Street Upgrade 


The Bairnsdale CBD Master Plan, ‘Re-imagining Bairnsdale’, sets out a framework for the revitalisation of the CBD from 2013 - 2023, providing clarity about how the Bairnsdale CBD will be improved over time and sets out a consistent approach to design elements and infrastructure.


Actions include proposals for the improved design of important public spaces, a street tree planting program, public realm design guidelines, and a program for increasing the range of activities in core areas.


Nicholson and Service Streets are an important part of the Bairnsdale CBD, providing the East Gippsland community with access to a range of businesses and services. The concept designs for Stage Two of the Re-imagining Bairnsdale Project (Nicholson Street Upgrade) identifies streetscape improvements to this area. 


Public consultation for the Nicholson Street Update concluded in June 2016, with final master plans expected to be underway in March 2017.


For further updates about this exciting vision for Bairnsdale, sign up to receive project updates by email.


Re-imagining Bairnsdale Master Plan 

Volume 1 Analysis and Discussions (PDF 6.16MB)

Volume 2 Public Realm Works, Priorities and Costs (PDF 7.72MB)


Nicholson Street Upgrade


Building a Better Bairnsdale


The Draft Bairnsdale Growth Strategy has been prepared for Council by consultants to guide the growth and development of Bairnsdale over the next 20 years.


It contains recommendations for a growth boundary, future residential growth areas, improvements to existing neighbourhoods, revitalisation of the central business district, commercial and industrial growth and a range of other matters.


Growth Strategy Volume 1, 2009 (PDF 13.1 Mb)
Background Analysis Volume 2 (PDF 12.8 Mb)


East Bairnsdale and Lucknow Structure Plan

Council, in collaboration with the State Government, has finalised a Structure Plan for the East Bairnsdale and Lucknow precinct. This work outlines how the precinct should develop over time, including the existing industrial areas along the Princes Highway and McMillan Streets and the farming/vacant land north of the Princes Highway.


East Bairnsdale Structure Plan November 2013 (PDF 40.92 Mb)

Walking and Wayfinding Report

Council is doing a project to improve and promote walking in Bairnsdale’s central business district. This project aims to make Bairnsdale a 'walkable city', with better signage, information about local attractions that are accessible on foot and improvements to the quality and safety of pedestrian facilities.


Draft Walking and Wayfinding Report, 2011 (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Summary of Recommendations Walking and Wayfinding Report (PDF 90kb)


 Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy

The Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy aims to better use the existing car parking spaces and ensure future parking demands are met and appropriately funded. It also aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian accessibility.


The strategy will, among other things, help the Shire identify preferred locations for additional on street and off street parking. It will also help determine where changes may need to be made to parking restrictions, and identify priority locations for additional parking enforcement and streetscape upgrades.


Bairnsdale CBD Parking Strategy - Data Analysis (PDF 3.63 MB)

Bairnsdale CBD Parking Strategy - Parking Plan (PDF 2.19 MB)

Bairnsdale CBD Parking Strategy - Implementation Plan (PDF 1.29MB)



Bairnsdale CBD Parking Map

Council has developed an easy to read parking map to assist motorists in understanding the various parking locations in the Bairnsdale CBD and the restrictions that apply.


Bairnsdale CBD parking map (PDF 1.96MB)



Howitt Park Master Plan

The Howitt Park Master Plan (November 2015) provides a framework to guide planning over the coming 10 years and to also strengthen the links between council and the community.


Howitt Park Master Plan (PDF 3.1MB)



East Bairnsdale Enabling Infrastructure (Drainage) Project


The Australian Government, Victorian Government, council and private businesses have been working together to improve drainage in the Lucknow area north of the Princes Highway. This work has not only considered current needs, but also a future in which the land north and south of Lanes Road is developed.


The design has been finalised, concluding work from the past two to three years, and funding of $2.73 million from the Australian Government and State Government, will see a much needed project move into its construction phase. Council is also contributing funds towards the project, whilst Patties Foods Ltd, and Broadlands Estate have contributed land and other services.


View photos of Stage one


Download Fact Sheets


Fact Sheet 8

Fact Sheet 7

Fact Sheet 6

Fact Sheet 5

Fact Sheet 4

Fact Sheet 3

Fact Sheet 2

Fact Sheet 1


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