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Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance Urban Design Framework


The following documents were produced in 2007. They provide strategic guidance for the future development of Lakes Entrance.


Urban Design Framework Report 2007 (PDF 13.4 Mb)
Natural Systems Analysis (PDF 630 Kb)
Vegetation Quality Plan (PDF 1.86 Mb)
Zoning Plan (PDF 3.8 Mb)
Residential Land Supply (PDF 745 Kb)
Urban Design Analysis (PDF 1.79 Mb)
Urban Design Analysis Town Centre (PDF 1.87 Mb)
Strategy Plan (PDF 586 Kb)


Master Plans


Entry and Foreshore West (PDF 1.18 Mb)

Foreshore East (PDF 1.45 Mb)
Street Sections Part 3 (PDF 473 Kb)
Street Sections Part 4 (PDF 470 Kb)
Proposed Gateway (PDF 939 Kb)
Proposed Gateway 3D (PDF 1.51 Mb)
Bullock Island - 2007 (PDF 422 Kb) (superseded 2014 as below)

Bullock Island Master Plan 2014 (PDF 5.3 Mb)

Foreshore Management Plan


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