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East Bairnsdale and Lucknow Structure Plan

Council, in collaboration with the State Government, has finalised a Structure Plan for the East Bairnsdale and Lucknow precinct. This work outlines how the precinct should develop over time, including the existing industrial areas along the Princes Highway and McMillan Streets and the farming/vacant land north of the Princes Highway.


Download the Precinct Structure Plan

Draft East Bairnsdale and Lucknow Precinct Structure Plan (PDF 38 mb)


Building a Better Bairnsdale

The Draft Bairnsdale Growth Strategy has been prepared for Council by consultants to guide the growth and development of Bairnsdale over the next 20 years.


It contains recommendations for a growth boundary, future residential growth areas, improvements to existing neighbourhoods, revitalisation of the central business district, commercial and industrial growth and a range of other matters.


Download the Draft Bairnsdale Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy Volume 1, 2009 (PDF 13.1 Mb)
Background Analysis Volume 2 (PDF 12.8 Mb)


Walking and Wayfinding Report

Council is doing a project to improve and promote walking in Bairnsdale’s central business district. This project aims to make Bairnsdale a “walkable city”, with better signage, information about local attractions that are accessible on foot and improvements to the quality and safety of pedestrian facilities.


Download the Walking and Wayfinding Report

Draft Walking and Wayfinding Report, 2011 (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Summary of Recommendations Walking and Wayfinding Report (PDF 90kb)

Draft Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy

To find out more and follow the development on the Draft Strategy, visit our engagement portal

Download the Draft Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy

Draft Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy - Implementation Strategy

Draft Bairnsdale CBD Car Parking Strategy - Car Parking Strategy


Draft Howitt Park Master Plan

The Draft Howitt Park Master Plan (November 2015) provides a framework to guide planning over the coming 10 years and to also strengthen the links between Council and the community.






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