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Community Planning

Community Planning


For further information about the East Gippsland Shire Community Plans, please email feedback@egipps.vic.gov.au or phone 51539500



Bruthen and District comprises Bruthen, Sarsfield, Wiseleigh and Mossiface.
Buchan and District comprises Buchan, Buchan East, Buchan South, Black Mountain, Murridal, Timbarra, Glenmore, Gelantipy, W-Tree and Wulgulmerang, Canni Creek, Gillingall, Butchers Ridge and Suggan Buggan.
Lindenow and District comprises Lindenow, Lindenow South, Calulu, Wuk Wuk, Fernbank, Hillside, Glenaladale, Flaggy Creek, Walpa, Ellaswood, Woodglen, The Fingerboards and Coongulmerang.
Metung Nungurner District comprises Metung, Nungurner, Kings Cove, Tambo Bluff and Tambo Bay.
The Nowa Nowa Community Plan encorporates Nowa Nowa, Wairewa and Toorloo Arm.
The Omeo Region comprises Omeo, Cobungra, Benambra, Swifts Creek, Ensay, Cassilis and Tambo Crossing.
Paynesville and District comprises Paynesville, Raymond Island, Eagle Point and Newlands Arm.
Twin Rivers District comprises Nicholson, Johnsonville, Tambo Upper and Swan Reach.
Orbost and District Community Plan incorporates Orbost, Newmerella, Marlo and Cabbage Tree Creek.
Mountain Rivers District comprises Bendoc, Goongerah, Tubbut, Deddick, Delegate River, Bonang, Dellicknora and Cabanandra districts.

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