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Planning Scheme Amendments

A planning scheme amendment is a formal process that changes the planning scheme to get a good planning outcome or to support a new policy direction.


An example of a Planning Scheme Amendment would be…

If council wanted to encourage more industrial development in a residential area, it would amend the scheme and rezone land from residential to industrial. Amendments to the scheme affect the wider community because they change the way land can be used or developed. They also change the way planning decisions are made in the future.


Current Amendments for your information


All current amendments that are on exhibition can be found on the Department of Planning and Community Development website. The direct links are provided below.


C115 - Introduce an incorporated document for dwellings with access via water.


C127 - Bairnsdale Growth Strategy


Update of the Municipal Strategic Statement to implement Bairnsdale Growth Strategy, Re-Imagining Bairnsdale Master Plan and Walking and Wayfinding in the  




C121 - Twin Rivers Land Use Plan - Panel Report - dated 13 May 2015


Planning Scheme Amendment C121 proposes the implement the Twin Rivers Land Use Plan – Final Report 2012 (the Twin Rivers Land Use Plan). This includes rezoning 100 Nicholson ‐ Sarsfield Road, Nicholson from Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) to Township Zone (TZ).



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