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Planning Scheme Amendments

A Planning Scheme Amendment is a formal process that changes the planning scheme to achieve a good planning outcome, or to support a new policy direction.

Amendments to the scheme affect the wider community because they change the way land can be used or developed. They also change the way planning decisions are made in the future.


An example of a Planning Scheme Amendment:

If Council wanted to encourage more rural living developments on land that is zoned for farming, it would amend the scheme and rezone land from farming to rural living.

Current Amendments on Exhibition:


GC49 – Bairnsdale Hospital Heliport Flight Path Protection


Emergency helicopters play a key role in providing medical and trauma services to patients who are critically ill or who may be involved in serious accidents. Safeguarding the flight paths to the existing and rooftop helipads will protect an integral part of the health system.


The flight path protection ensures the efficient transfer of critically ill patients to the hospital that can best deliver the care they need.


The Department of Health & Human Services (the department) is therefore seeking to make changes to a number of planning schemes, including East Gippsland Planning Scheme to apply Design and Development Overlays (Overlays) to protect Emergency Medical Services helicopter flight paths.


C125 - Paynesville Maritime Precinct Master Plan  - dated December 2009


The purpose of the Paynesville Maritime Precinct Master Plan is to provide a detailed framework and corresponding implementation strategy for the development of the Slip Road area of Burrabogie Island in Paynesville, including proposals for land use, movement network, landscape, built form and public facilities.


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