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The major geographic and economic region in eastern Victoria, East Gippsland offers a strong competitive advantage with its diverse population and industry profile, growing economy and stable labour force. East Gippsland’s economy, like the region itself, is diverse and robust.

An abundance of primary produce and natural resources along with good transport and logistics, affordable housing, cheap energy, ample water, good physical and telecommunications infrastructure and plentiful land supply add to the region's competitive advantages. The five strongest industry sectors by financial output are: manufacturing; construction; agriculture, forestry and fishing; retail trade; and property and business services.Patties_Foods_factory_Bairnsdale.jpg


Some of Australia's leading brands and businesses operate from East Gippsland including the world’s largest pie manufacturer, Patties Foods Ltd, which began as a Lakes Entrance cake shop in 1966; Australia’s largest trawling fishing fleet; and Australia's largest fresh cut horticulture business, One Harvest Vegco. Innovation is also strong in East Gippsland, with a range of businesses and consultants basing themselves in the region while using communications technology to service their customers around the world.


East Gippsland Gross Regional Product (GRP)

East Gippsland Shire Gross Regional Product represents 0.5% of Victoria's Gross State Product for the year ending June 2011.


Gross Regional Product is the sum of Industry Gross Product plus Ownership of Dwellings. The Industry Gross Product is the sum of the industry value-add for each industry present in the area. Value-added is the value of sales generated by each industry, minus the cost of its inputs. 




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