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Planning an Event

This page contains a variety of information to assist events organisers, including;

  1. Events Management Planning and Budgeting templates;
  2. Events Toolkits for Events Organisers, Businesses and Community Groups;
  3. Events Permits FAQs;
  4. Councils events grants program; and 
  5. Booking a Council Venue.

1. Events Management Planning and Budgeting templates

Upon request Council will provide a document that contains a variety of templates and support material for people organising a event. The booklet includes information on strategic planning, permits, permissions, responsibilities, programming, marketing, operational plans (including traffic management), site plans. It also includes information on event budgeting, revenue sources, sponsorship and grants and grant writing.
To request a copy please contact councils Events Unit direct via email or contact Council reception.

2. Event Toolkits - to assist with planning and supporting events.

The East Gippsland Shire has revised a series of booklets aimed at assisting event organisers to deliver their events.  These toolkits are designed to equip events, business and community groups with information and skills to maximise the impact of events taking place across the municipality. Toolkits have been developed for event organisers, businesses and community/service groups. The toolkits were developed by Council, participating events, businesses and community groups.

Events Toolkit - for Events Organisers

Events Toolkit - for Businesses

Events Toolkit - for Community Groups


3. Event Permits Application - Does your event need a permit, FAQ's and examples?

Usually most events on public land only require the completion of the Initial Event Permit Advice Form, which incorporates an Event Questionnaire and the Event Permit Application. If you require assistance when filling out the form please contact Councils Events Unit. All forms should be submitted three months prior to your event.


Does my event need a permit?

As a rule of thumb, if your event is held on public land or impacts the use of public land or normal public activities, then you will require a permit.


Do I require a copy of my public liability insurance?

Yes, if you are completing an Event Permit Application, it is important that you attach a copy of your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance.


What is a risk management plan and do I require one?

Managing risk means reducing the likelihood and impact of negative outcomes as a result of an event. A risk management plan does not need to be exhaustive for small events, just documenting risk and outlining how you plan to manage areas of potential risk.

If you are applying for a Event Permit you will need to do a risk management plan - here is an example of a basic Emergency Management Plan


Contacting the local authorities?

It is important for organisers to let the local authorities know about the event. In an emergency the Police, Ambulance, SES or CFA may need to access an area blocked off by your event, so pre-notifying them is very important.

If you are applying for an Event Permit you will need to notify local authorities. Here is an Example letter to Ambulance Victoria


How to develop site plan or layout?

It is important to have a clear understanding of how your event will be laid out. You can easily do this by drawing the site on a blank piece of paper or downloading an aerial image of your site and drawing on it.

If you are applying for an Event Permit you will need to do a site plan. Here is an Example Site Plan.


Road closures and traffic management plans?

If you are planning on closing down a road, street or car park for your event, you will need to seek permission from the road manager. This is usually Council or VicRoads, but the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) also mange many tracks in our region.  To legally close a road, you need to seek a suitably qualified personnel to write up your Traffic Management Plan and submit it to the road owner for approval, then you need to use qualified personnel to implement the approved traffic management plan (put the signs out). This can be more complicated with VicRoads and we strongly suggest that you commence this aspect early.



4. Council Grants Program - Get funding from Council for your event.

The Council Grants Program has three streams for funding, Community Grants, Arts and Heritage Alliance, and Regional and District Events Sponsorship. For further information, please see Council Grants. Council can advise whether your project or event might be eligible for State or Federal Government funding or grants.


5. Book a Council Facility for Your Event

Council controls facilities across the region that can be booked to host an event. These include the historic Bairnsdale Rotunda, Bairnsdale Nicholson Mall, Lakes Entrance Rotunda and our regional libraries and other community facilities. To make a booking contact Council reception.

Contact for Assistance

For assistance or advice regarding any of the above topics, email or contact Council.


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