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Planning an Event

Event Toolkits

The East Gippsland Shire has revised a series of booklets aimed as assisting event organisers to deliver their events. 

These toolkits are designed to equip events, business and community groups with information and skills to maximise the impact of events taking place across the municipality. Toolkits have been developed for event organisers, businesses and community/service groups.

The toolkits were developed by Council, participating events, businesses and community groups.

Events Toolkit - for Events Organisers

Events Toolkit - for Businesses

Events Toolkit - for Community Groups


Event Permits

Small, local community events generally require the event organiser to only complete the Initial Event Permit Advice, which incorporates an Event Questionnaire and the Event Permit Application.


If your event is large, annual, does not change a lot from year to year, requires road closures, signs on public land or involves the serving of food we encourage you to develop your own Event Management Plan (EMP) and, if appropriate, a Traffic Managment Plan (TMP).


The main advantage of having an EMP or TMP is that you own it and when seeking an Event Permit from Council the Event Organiser will only need to complete the cover sheet of the Event Permit Application and submit this with the EMP containing all of the additional information.


Please contact us to discuss your event before completing the forms (see links below). All forms need to be submitted three months in advance.


Events Management Guide

East Gippsland Shire can provide a range of resources to assist you in planning your event. Download a copy of our Event Management Guide and Event Management Guide-Appendices. We encourage all large and/or annual events to develop their own Event Management Plan (EMP) for three reasons:

  • An EMP can lower you liability as event managers, indicating that you have fully planned your event and considered and documented the many aspects to event management.
  • Council requires much of the information contained in an EMP in order to grant an Event Permit. If you wish to apply for an Event Permit, we would accept an EMP instead of a Permit Application.
  • An EMP provides a template for planning future events, making planning easier and reducing the need to re-write Event Permit applications every year.  

Council Grants Program

The Council Grants Program has three streams for funding, Community Grants, Arts and Heritage Alliance, and Regional and District Events Sponsorship. For further information, please see Council Grants. Council can advise whether your project or event might be eligible for State or Federal Government funding or grants.


Business Events and Conference Support

Do you want to hold your next meeting or conference in East Gippsland? There are many suitable venues across the shire. See the Discover East Gippsland website for more information, or contact the Shire.


Book a Council Facility for Your Event

Council controls facilities across the region that can be booked to host an event. These include the historic Bairnsdale Rotunda, Fairdale Nicholson Mall, our regional libraries and other community facilities.

Contact for Assistance

For assistance or advice regarding any of the above topics, email or contact Council.


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