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Arts in East Gippsland

The Shire recognises that arts and culture contribute to our prosperity from a sense of community engagement, economic development and health and well-being.

As part of the Arts and Cultural Development Program, the Forge Theatre and Arts Hub presents a public program of performance, music, exhibitions and workshops.


The Arts and Culture area resources and produces a variety of Artsand Heritage programs and projects. A monthly arts e-newsletter is produced and distributed to local artists, arts groups and interested individuals. 

The guide to Art, Culture and Heritage in East Gippsland is 'Up Close and  Personal'. For further information on these publications contact the Arts and Culture Coordinator.


Local artists, organisations and groups running Arts and/or Heriatge activities are able to apply for a grant to a small pool of Arts and Heritage  funding. This opportunity  is available twice a year through Councils Community Grants Program and is publicly advertised in the local papers. 

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Creative Gippsland is a collaborative arts initiative comprising all six Gippsland municipalities: Latrobe City Council, Bass Coast Shire Council, Baw Baw Shire Council, South Gippsland Shire Council, East Gippsland Shire Council and Wellington Shire Council.

Creative Gippsland promotes  cultural tourism through its support of local artists and crafts people, galleries, performing arts, and arts festivals and is the organising body of the Gippsland Arts Festival in May.

Click here to go to the Creative Gippsland website


Community Cultural Development 

Recent Project

 EveryDay-Interventions-resized Copy.jpg

Arts About Us Program: April /May 2015


This program uses the Arts to help people talk about the impact of race based  discrimination. It also celebrates diversity. 


Everyday Interventions is an arts project that creates opportunities for communities to express their own stories.


A series of workshops have been held to develop short performances exploring fear, uncertainly, love, loss and difference. People have been working through a series of words within in an anagram, exploring ideas of difference, identity, culture and life. Among the other projects, three short films have been made and are presented as part of the Gippsland Arts Festival in May  2015. 

A series of videos have been produced below:

Dis the Dis

Made with the Noweyung literacy group, Dis the Dis is a take on the bias experienced by people with disabilities. These guys tell it with strength, energy and fun. They’re firm in their view that it’s time to Dis the Dis in Disability.
Dis the Dis is part of Everyday Interventions a project produced by Kirsty Ellem, (Artistic Merit) with Catherine Simmonds, Nicholas Hansen (Mutiny Media) and Steve Stelios Adam.

Dis the Dis - See it here!

Past and Present

Made with members of the community in Lakes Entrance, Past Here Present is a powerful representation of the experience of discrimination by Aboriginal people. While representing the challenges, there is also a strong experience of positive life, identity and welcome.
Past Here Present is part of Everyday Interventions a project produced by Kirsty Ellem,(Artistic Merit) with Catherine Simmonds, Nicholas Hansen (Mutiny Media) and Steve Stelios Adam.

Past and Present - See it here!


Made with members of the community in Lakes Entrance, Friends? explores the difficulties we face in letting go of our perceptions, our myths and the challenges of finding a path together that removes discrimination from our communities. This is a group open to travelling that pathway and bring others with them.

Friends? - See it here!

The project is supported by VicHealth, East Gippsland Shire Council, Noweyung, Fedsquare and Creative Gippsland.


Art and Culture Policy  

Art and Culture Strategy 


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