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East Gippsland Shire Council's tenders are listed on the eTender portal which can be accessed here  .  

Tender Process:

  1. Tender documents are available on Council's eTender portal.
  2. A pre-tender meeting may be held to discuss details of the Tender. The time and date will be listed in the Tender documents.
  3. Tenders close at 12.00 pm on the date specified.   All tenders must be in the Tender Box at the Corporate Centre, 273 Main Street, Bairnsdale or submitted electronically via Council's eTender portal on or before that time and date.
  4. The Tender Box is cleared and tenders are opened. Details of each tender are entered into Council’s tender register.
  5. Tender evaluations are held.
  6. A recommendation is presented to Council/Chief Executive Officer for approval. Where the value of tender is under $150,000 (for goods and services) and under $200,000 (for works) Chief Executive Officer can award the contract. Where the value of the tender is above these amounts, Council approval is needed.
  7. Successful and unsuccessful tenderers notified.
  8. Contracts are compiled and issued to the successful tenderer for execution.
  9. Contracts are signed and sealed by the successful contractor and executed by Council.
  10. A copy of the contract is returned to the successful contractor for retention.

 Further Information – Max Pendle, Procurement Coordinator


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